How You Can Accessorize on Your Wedding Day

How You Can Accessorize on Your Wedding Day

Take a look at these at how you can accessorize on your wedding day.  No worries friends- no matter what style of dress you have, this will definitely help you choose your wedding accessories!


The bateau neckline follows the natural curve of the collar bone. Keep your accessories simple and elegant, so as not to compete with the fabric close to the neck. Necklaces with a little length are perfect for this retro style. You could also forego a necklace and go with mid-length earrings and a matching bracelet. We recommend drop earrings to create some movement, but not so long that they graze the shoulder or come close to the dress fabric. Depending on your hairstyle, you can accessorize with a hair comb as well for some extra bling.

High-Neckline_0008 High-Neckline_0015 High-Neckline_0011 High-Neckline_0001 High-Neckline_0006 High-Neckline_0016 High-Neckline_0012 High-Neckline_0009


A strapless gown is fun and easy to accessorize because you can pair just about anything with it! Bold, multi-strand necklaces, bejeweled bibs, and even classic pearls pair nicely with this dress shape. If you go the bold route for your necklace, make sure you follow the less is more mantra for your earrings: studs or small drops are perfect. 

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The v-neck is being seen among many different styles of dresses lately. Depending on the style of dress, you could consider a simple pendant or pearl necklace, or even just a simple pair of earrings paired with a bracelet. A good rule of thumb is that you don’t want your necklace to compete with the neckline of the gown. If the V-neck has a deep plunge and you want a glamorous look, you can go a step further and try an all crystal necklace that will really accentuate the plunge.

V-Neck_0019 V-Neck_0021 V-Neck_0017 V-Neck_0018-378x516 V-Neck_0007 V-Neck_0009 V-Neck_0001 V-Neck_0023 V-Neck_0006 V-Neck_0012 V-Neck_0010 V-Neck_0016 V-Neck_0020-378x516


Accessorizing a dress with a one-shoulder neckline will really depend on the dress itself. If you have a one-shoulder dress that has more detailing, then opt to just go for some gorgeous eye-catching earrings.

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If there are embellishments or beading on your spaghetti strap dress, as with a majority of gowns in this style, focus on earrings and a bracelet. If the gown has little to no beading on the bodice, try a necklace that has a triangular shape to it.

3-2Strap_0006 2Strap_0002 1Strap_0001 spaghetti-strap-chapel-train-satin-ivory-a-line-wedding-dress-wsi0098-d_1 CSB1975_01-1


The halter neckline is one that isn’t seen too often, but they’re definitely out there! Since the halter portion of the dress already draws a lot of attention, it’s best to opt for mid-length earrings and a matching bracelet for this style. This is also a great opportunity to add some sparkle to your hair too!

3-1Halter-Neckline_0002-378x567 1Halter-Neckline_0007 2Halter-Neckline_0001 3-2Halter-Neckline_0003-378x567 halter-wedding-dress cheri_08

And now after all that pretty, you may be wondering about when you should choose your wedding accessories. Of course you don’t have to rush right after getting your dress, but we recommend purchasing no less than 2 months before your wedding day. That way you can have your jewelry with you when you go for your dress fitting and you can try everything on all together!

So there you have it! Six different wedding dress necklines and examples of how you can accessorize each one using gorgeous wedding jewelry! Take a look at our Pinterest to get other wedding/party inspiration. Oh and we picked and other beautiful jewelry here too!

Out of all these looks, which one is your favorite?

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