How to Shop for Your Registry

How to Shop for Your Registry

How to Shop for your Bridal Registry

Shopping for your bridal registry is a fun wedding planning activity that you and your significant other can enjoy together. Keep these ideas in mind as you shop for your bridal registry.

Make your list, check it twice

Before heading out to your favorite home goods store, take inventory of what you already have. Since you are merging your lives (and living spaces), there’s no need to register for items that you currently own. Go through all common areas of your respective homes (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.) to decide what should go on the bridal registry list, and remove duplicates that will just add to the clutter.

Also, if you’re planning to register with an online service, browse selections on the Web before hitting the stores to get an idea of what you’ll need.

Register with “you” in mind

No matter what your mother (or grandmother) says, if you never plan to cook a fancy five course meal, chances are you won’t need that expensive China with a 14-piece place setting. Your wedding gift registry should spotlight your preferences as a couple. Love music? Why not ask for stereo equipment. Can’t get enough of the outdoors? Hiking gear would serve you better than an emulsion blender. Every couple is different, so never be afraid to ask for the things you really want. . . and will actually use!

Bridal Registry can be exciting as you check off all your items

Update guests using a wedding registry fulfillment
Check off purchased gifts from your bridal registry as you receive them to keep guests abreast of the status of available items. This will also save you the hassle of returning duplicate gifts and make your process a less daunting task.

Expensive doesn’t mean the best
While it would be nice to have a Waterford crystal punch bowl, there are less expensive—but just as beautiful—punch bowls that you can add to your bridal registry. Always select gifts in a range of price points. And if you must register for big ticket items, select things that you’re sure to use on a regular basis (pots, pans, everyday dishware, etc.).

Great gifts don’t only come from stores
Some couples who marry later in life (or just have a lot of stuff) may find little need in registering for household items. If this is your predicament, why not ask guests to make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice. It’s a great way to give back to others while celebrating your love.

And lastly, remember to send guests thank you notes for each item you receive from your bridal registry. Following wedding etiquette, thank you notes should be sent within a month after the honeymoon. And don’t worry if you’re short on words—a simple thank you, while mentioning the name of the gift, goes a long way.

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