How to Plan for Music with an Outdoor Wedding

How to Plan for Music with an Outdoor Wedding

Whether you hire a band or a DJ, the music you plan for your outdoor wedding or reception will need special attention. Outdoor venues can sometimes pose special challenges, and you should think about any accommodations or preparations you will need to make for your musical entertainment well in advance of your wedding date.

Electric Power

Discuss with your band or DJ what equipment they will be bringing and what their electric power needs might be. It’s likely they are already experienced in playing weddings and other events, and they will be able to tell you specifically what equipment they have and what they’ll need from the venue. 

If your venue is a public park or wilderness area, there may not be a building or power source nearby. Gas or diesel generators are a possibility but tend to be noisy. An inverter generator or AC power pack makes less noise. Check with your DJ to see what they recommend. 

Noise Restrictions

Noise carries outdoors, and even if it’s pleasant noise, your music plans might be affected by noise restrictions, especially if you’re near a residential area.. Some cities or neighborhoods will allow noise between certain hours or have a cut-off time such as 10 p.m. 

It’s also a good idea to keep the decibel level at optimal levels. You need it loud enough to hear—especially the announcements or speeches—but not so loud that you’re going to draw complaints. Stromectol from


Weather is always a concern for an outdoor wedding, and if you’re a wise bride or groom, you’ve already made contingency plans. But when it comes to a DJ or band with their expensive and sensitive electronic equipment, even “a little weather” can be harmful.

Be considerate and provide a tent or canopy for your musical entertainment. Some may bring their own, but some may not be used to playing at outdoor venues or may assume a tent is included.

Planning the music for your wedding and reception can be fun, and working with experienced professionals can make the task easier. But, with an outdoor wedding, be sure to plan more than the song list. For the best experience, don’t neglect to think ahead.

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