How To: Make your photos PERFECT

How To: Make your photos PERFECT

With social media taking over pretty much everything, your photos show what an exciting (or not so exciting) life you’re living!
You want your photos to stand-out and be one of a kind. Whether it’s for InstagramFacebook or just to spice up before you print your photo.
So here are the top 5 apps to help you make your photos better than your friend’s and family’s photos!

Check out some samples of how we can tweak our photos!

1. VSCO Camera gives users a surprisingly versatile package of tools and presets to tweak their photos and apply special effects. VSCO Cam’s real magic lies in the photo editing features, where someone can apply a variety of multipurpose preset filters with adjustable strength sliders, with more filter packs as in-app purchases. In addition to the filters, you can tweak the image saturation, temperature, apply film grain, shadows, highlights and more. The app allows users to share images across social media services as well as VSCO Grid, their own photo publishing platform.


2. Afterlight is an excellent photo editing app that provides mobile photographers with endless tools for spicing up their photos. Users have numerous choices of tools, from basic edits such as contrast and saturation, as well as highlight, shadow, and mid-tone controls. In addition, users can also apply textures and light leaks, slider-adjustable filters, crop, transform and straightening tools, as well as a variety of frames.


3. FaceTune zeroes in on making your selfies and photos to look as beautiful as possible. The app offers a variety of tools for touching up your photos, such as whitening stained teeth, red-eye adjustment, colorizing graying hair, and pimple and blemish removal (can we get this app to use in real life?!). In addition to the photo touch ups, the app also comes with a variety of tools for tweaking lighting and focus, adding filters, rotating and flipping photos, as well as more extreme photo transformations.


4. Snapseed is an image editing app that’s really easy to use! This is one of the most popular apps with iPhone photographers, and is often said to be the one app that they be without. It has a great choice of essential adjustment tools for improving color and exposure, such as brightness, contrast and saturation. You can apply adjustments to the whole image or just a part of it by using the Selective Adjustment tool.


5. Brushstroke, will turn your real life stills into gorgeous watercolor paintings. The process is as simple as picking an image to convert and hitting the go button. After a few seconds Brushstroke will pop out a freshly painted image that can be further customized with different brush styles, colored paints and differently textured canvases. Unlike the other apps, Brushstroke also lets you tweak the image with settings like saturation and brightness.



All of these apps are amazing and can really take your photos to the next level, if used with moderation! You want others see and relive your photos with you, but you don’t want to take it to the extreme!

We can’t wait to add more photos to our gallery and give everyone a taste of how we party at weddings, Sweet 16s, company parties, school dances and all other events!


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