How to Host a Spectacular Company Party

How to Host a Spectacular Company Party

Whatever your company is celebrating—a holiday, anniversary, product launch, or a job well done—you want your guests to have a terrific time at the party. That takes planning and creativity. For a truly spectacular company party, you need to put fun first.

Choose a Fun Theme

You want your guests to do more than show up, eat, chat, and go home. A fun theme can encourage people to relax, get involved, mingle, and interact. You might choose a theme based on a popular movie, like The Great Gatsby or Harry Potter. You can emulate a game show or awards event, or create a tropical paradise or winter wonderland.

Choose a theme that can be carried through with decorations, food and drink, and games. Costumes and props can also promote the theme. Include a photo booth so guests can dress up, connect with colleagues, and take home a memory.

Play Great Music

Great music can kick off the party and complement the theme. An experienced DJ service can help you choose the right playlist for your occasion. A good DJ can also keep the party lively by playing a good mix of songs and by interacting with the crowd.

Check with your venue about the right audio equipment for the DJ and the desired sound levels. Whether or not you have a dance floor, the music can affect people’s emotions and energy. Lighting can also contribute to the mood you want to create.

Hire Amazing Entertainment

You may have business to do—announcements, introductions, awards, or speeches—but when that part is over, it’s time for entertainment. Good entertainment will encourage your guests to stick around and relax. You might have dancing or karaoke, but also consider something even more amazing. 

Depending on the theme and the mood you wish to create, you might think about hiring a singer or musicians, a comedian, magician, celebrity impersonator, or light show. Interactive games can also be fun, especially team games. Don’t forget the prizes.

You don’t want your next company party to be a yawn fest. To accomplish your goals, advance your brand, and please your guests, your party needs to be fun and memorable. Whether your guests are employees, clients, or the public, they’ll go home feeling positive about your company.

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