How the Right A/V Equipment Can Elevate Your Corporate Event

How the Right A/V Equipment Can Elevate Your Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, you’ll naturally spend the most time concentrating on content, guest speakers, activities, and so on. But the right support systems for your event—sound, light, and other audio-visual equipment—can transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 


The sound systems you need depend on your venue and specific needs. The size of the venue, the acoustics, and the number of guests can all affect the choice and placement of the equipment. A professional sound technician can best evaluate the situation and advise you on your needs.

If you’re planning music, you may need to adjust the volume or style at certain points in your schedule. Too loud, and you will distract the audience from your purpose. Not loud enough, and your attempts to liven the mood will fall flat. 


Light and light effects have a huge impact on the mood in the room and influence people’s energy levels. The placement and intensity of light can draw attention to speakers or features. You can use up lighting for a dramatic effect or add pin lights to create a focal point.

Colors can also affect mood or be used to enhance your brand. Red, orange, and yellow lights will project energy, success, strength, and happiness. Blue or green will generate a calm, confident mood. Flashing or moving lights can express excitement and fun.

Video Displays

Video slideshows can showcase your company’s achievements or your products and services. Slideshows are great pre-event icebreakers. Set up several small screens around the venue to encourage guests to mingle and talk. For speakers or demonstrations, a large single large screen on the stage can show details.

You can also use video to livestream or record the highlights of your event. These videos allow more people to experience your event, and they can also be used as effective marketing tools both during and after the event has concluded. You can post video clips on social media to promote your company.

The right audio-visuals should integrate seamlessly into your event schedule. You don’t want the most memorable part of your event to be a glitch with the microphones or a venue too dark to work in. As you plan your next company event, discuss your A/V needs and goals with a professional. 

Your corporate event needs the right equipment to shine. Contact us today for information about corporate packages.


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