How Music Can Make or Break Your Corporate Event

How Music Can Make or Break Your Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, you might be overlooking one of the most important components—the music. Maybe you’re tempted to hook your smartphone to speakers and play your favorite playlist through the PA. That’s a huge mistake. Choosing the right music can be more important than you think.

Sets the Mood

Think about it—you don’t want to use the same music for a celebration that you use for a seminar or workshop. Music sets the tone for the event, and it’s important for you to choose tunes that complement the atmosphere you wish to create. You may also have a theme for your event that you want to promote through the music.

It takes time to sift through songs and come up with the right playlist. It’s worth consulting with an experienced professional DJ service. They have a broad knowledge of music and can help you come up with suitable music quickly.

Affects the Energy in the Room

It’s no secret that music affects your energy level. You can use this to your advantage at a corporate event. If you need people to relax, play soft, instrumental music. If it’s excitement you want to create, choose music that’s up-tempo and cheerful.

You can also use music to signal transitions from one phase of the event to the next. You may want to increase or decrease the volume as needed, or select special walk-on songs for featured speakers. A DJ service can easily make necessary changes in the type or intensity of the music.

Creates a Memorable Event

Whatever the purpose of your corporate event, you want it to be memorable. Your event is part of your branding, so it’s important to create an experience that your attendees will appreciate, enjoy, and remember. Music can be an important part of that.

Many studies have shown the link between music and emotions. Music that makes your event guests feel good will also help create positive memories of the people and activities at your event.

Although music works behind the scenes, it’s just as important to your event as the food and decorations, and it shouldn’t be dismissed. Take some time to plan your playlist, and consider hiring a professional DJ service to assist you.

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