NJ Wedding Djs: How Much will it Cost In New Jersey?

wedding djs in nj

NJ Wedding Djs: How Much will it Cost In New Jersey?

NJ Wedding Djs: How Much Do Wedding Djs Cost In New Jersey?

How much should you pay for a wedding DJ?

Trying to find out how much a wedding dj costs these days? This is the number one question that everyone asks themselves when trying to hire a wedding DJ, especially in NJ. It’s one of those things that you, as a couple wants to stick to your budget, but the other side of you understands that entertainment will LITERALLY make or break your wedding. While all the extras like indoor sparklers and photo booths or a string quartet are really nice to have, the most important thing is to have a DJ that will do whatever it takes to make sure your wedding is amazing. As I sit here and write this blog, I want you to understand how important experience is in being a successful wedding DJ. 15 years ago, I was rocking weddings but with the experience I have today, those weddings could have been even better. Being a successful DJ, you have to understand energy levels and how to reboot a crowd to get them going crazy, over and over again. With experience, you understand when to play certain sets and when to really bring it.

With all of this being said, we understand our competition and have lots of peers in the industry. The most reputable entertainment companies are all around the same price point. The bottom line: you should budget at least $2,500 for a wedding DJ. This is the average amount of money you can expect to spend on a wedding DJ. We know you’re thinking, Wedding DJ services can be expensive, so it is important to know what you are getting before you commit. There are a variety of factors that should be considered when choosing a wedding DJ, including location and market saturation. (Unfortunately, you live in the Tri-State Area, an extremely densely populated area that has a ton of couples getting hitched)

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Here’s what you need to know about New Jersey wedding prices.

New Jersey is the fifth most expensive state for wedding costs, but it is also the state with the highest average wedding cost. The average cost of a wedding in New Jersey is $31,500. That’s about $4,000 more than the average cost in the other states in the Northeast. Wedding DJs in New Jersey can cost anywhere from $999 to upwards of $5,000. All this being said, let’s see what you’d expect from the different price points.

Bargain DJs typically charge under $1,000, while average DJs charge between $1,000 and $1,500. Expert Wedding DJs typically charge over $2,000

When you’re hiring an established company, you have so many added benefits. Living in a covid world, you’d be much smarter to higher a larger company since they have the means to cover your staff in case they get Covid. This is something that obviously happens last second and you simply shouldn’t have to worry if the next man up is good or not. Let’s dive deeper and see what you’d expect and how you can decide who is the best fit.

Bargain DJs (Under $999)

You’ll be taking a few risks when hiring the bargain shops, including potentially awkward moments on the dance floor due to stage fright, lack of mic experience/presence, or unfamiliarity with formal environments; keep this in mind if you’re considering hiring your favorite club DJ. This also means you will likely have to sacrifice quality communication. Most Bargain DJs do this on the side and have a full time job. They don’t have the full time staff there to service you whenever you need them and more than likely won’t have an office for you to sit with them and plan your wedding.

Average DJs ($1,000-$1,500)

They are motivated to grow, but lack the experience and reliability of an expert wedding DJ. 20 years ago when I started this company, I rose up these very ranks and can tell you from experience that we simply became better and better each and every year. Choosing a DJ from this category will likely offer a slightly elevated experience when compared to the Bargain DJ, but the lack of experience will show compared to the experts. How does the planning process work? Do they have an office to meet you? Do they have backup equipment and backup staff? How is the customer service?

If your wedding requires only punctuality and background noise, the average DJ might be an okay choice for you. For a more memorable experience, from planning your party, your wedding will be better served by an expert wedding DJ.

Expert Wedding DJs ($2,000+)

Let’s face it, these DJs can charge more because they’re getting it and they are worth it. Expert Wedding DJs cost more because of their experience. They offer a premium experience that comes with a premium price tag. Most expert wedding DJs will offer more in terms of services. This may include photo booths, stunning intelligent light shows, dance on clouds, indoor pyrotechnics and much more.

Services include planning, coordinating, and performing the music at a wedding. They’ll probably have mixes or podcasts you can listen to. More than likely they’ll offer an online portal for you to do your planning.

Before you go with the cheapest option—there’s something you should know.

Choosing cheap doesn’t always mean saving money. You’ll quickly learn in the biggest moment of your life if you made the right decision or not. You can save yourself stress and money by learning about your market before planning your wedding. Do the research…reviews will tell you so much!! If they clients are writing paragraphs, they took time out of their day because the company they hired went above and beyond for them.

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We Can’t Wait to Hear From You.

Mystical Entertainment Group is the expert wedding DJ service that offers experienced DJs and musicians for your special day. A premium experience comes with a premium price, and your guests will thank you for it. With experience, effort is everything. At Mystical Entertainment Group, we are passionate about our craft and give everything we’ve got at each and every event. There’s no off days, we only have one chance to make your wedding amazing.

Make sure to book a meeting and let’s get to planning!!

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