A Honeymoon Guide for the Budget Conscious

A Honeymoon Guide for the Budget Conscious


Every couple is entitled to an unforgettable romantic honeymoon after the wedding, that they can tell their kids and grandchildren about, yet many are saving for that special home, paying for a car, or maybe paying those freakin’ student loans. These popular honeymoon destinations are affordable and memorable! There are ways to get the best deals by planning ahead and doing your homework.

 Here are tips to guide you when planning your honeymoon:

Ever wonder how the heck these Groupons are so F****** cheap!? 

So we want to give you the best nugget right up front. Ever wonder who’s behind the awesome cheap deals on Groupon? Ya we did too…so we did the research and spoke to couples to make sure it wasn’t BS. Gate 1 Travel ladies and gents…their deals are amazing and totally legit!! #You’reWelcome

Set up a budget with your priorities

Decide what your goal honeymoon is. Is it to get pampered in a spa or just getting away from it all?  Do you want to fly or drive? How long do you want to be away? A weekend getaway might be more realistic. Is it more important to stay at a resort or a cheaper location and use the saved money for gourmet food? Do you buy all-inclusive? This is something to think about when planning.

Travel Agents can give great suggestions!

They can save you money with air/hotel or fly/drive/hotel packages.  They also know about last minute deals and many have knowledge of wonderful places they have seen and heard about.

Have a Honeymoon Registry

This is a brilliant idea especially for a couple that already has many household items. Some travel agencies offer a registry service. A website like www.honeyluna.com allows your contributions to be sent to buy your activities as gifts such as a sunset cruise, scuba trip or a special dinner.

Go off-peak season

Many weeks have huge price drops.  These weeks are not as popular because less people are on vacation. Many islands in the Caribbean have higher rates from January to April due to high demand but you can avoid this time and still enjoy warm temperatures. 

Stay close to home

If you choose a destination with shorter flight times, this is cheaper.  Or you can drive within the United States and save on airfare!!

Book early or late?

Many inexpensive rooms get booked early. On cruises, you can save 50%.  Also, if a cruise ship is not booked, they will sell the cabins last minute cheaper. You might want to wait but it’s always a risk you have to be willing to take. Check out the “Hopper” app to watch airline ticket rates and when to purchase or wait to make the purchase. They use algorithms that predict pricing—can we say A-MAZING?!

Use no-frills, low-fare carriers or consider the train, bus, or car

Along with this, don’t forget to cash in your Frequent Flyer Miles by using credit cards rewards! Follow @ThePointsGuy on Twitter and learn which credit cards have the best options for rewards benefits. Some cards offer up to 100,000 bonus points just for spending a few thousand within the first three months of having it. Uh helllooo you’re spending that on your wedding anyway so you might as well benefit from it!!

Book Online

Some hotels and airlines offer Internet-booking discounts.  You can find this information at www.webflyer.com.

With other sites such as www.priceline.com, you can name your price and you bid on a hotel that they pick in a certain location and star ratings.

Consider an All-Inclusive Hotel, Cruise, or Tour

Many all-inclusive resorts are adult only and for a flat fee there are no extras. Most all-inclusive rates include room, meals, drinks, activities, entertainment, tips, taxes, and airport transfer.

Ask About Packages

Not only do you get lots of extras when you sign up for a package, but package rates may include tax, tips, and airport transfers.  This is a big money saver!

Now where should you go?

Don’t worry because here are some gorgeous, relatively cheap, honeymoon destinations that you can probably look into. These top destinations are perfect for the couple on a budget.

  1. Hawaii, despite being in the U.S., is one of the most expensive places to travel. Don’t worry, there’s a solution– Oahu offer the same gorgeous views for far less money.
  2. Charleston, North Carolina– This place has great food and is a beautiful historic city. It is a great alternative to leaving the country and a romantic city.
  3. Montenegro (Country in the Balkans) has mountains and great views and a European atmosphere that is affordable. You can explore Europe on a budget because this is not a high tourist spot like Rome or Paris, which are pricier. So why not?
  4. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico- This beautiful spot has great beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and lots of sightseeing of ancient ruins. The peninsula includes Cancun, Cozumel and Rivera Maya all places to stay.


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