Happily Ever After?

Happily Ever After?

Why You Should Live Happily Ever After?

In this generation, less people are getting married choosing co-habitation or putting all
their effort into their careers. We see it on television and in movies and this seems to be
the trend. Now a day’s marriage is becoming less of a norm. People are starting to have
children later and staying single longer instead of becoming committed to someone. That
might be good for some people, but for others saying your vows and having a happily
ever after is very important. Ultimately, deep down we all hope to get married someday
and after reading this you will see that married life is a better way than being single.
There are many reasons why marriage is a good idea for yourself, your life, and society;
It’s an investment in your future!

1. Its Cheaper:
Marriage increases your earning power. You get tax breaks and have an extra income.
You might be saving for a special item, well if you were married you might get it sooner.
Married couples share expenses and the extra income means you can afford things you
never could of on your own. What an upgrade!

2.Children grow up more stable:
This does not need to be explained! Yet marriage life lets you have a family and build a
bloodline as well. The family with 2 parents is a role model to follow and having kids in
this stable environment is the best and most secure place for them. They will have two
parents to look up to and build a strong relationship with. Mom’s and Dad’s are both
good for different things and having both, they can go to each of them with what they are
helpful with if they ever needed.

3. It makes you less stressed and healthier:
Having a great support system improves your life and can helps you live longer. Studies
have shown that happily married men live longer then single men. They have lower risks
of heart disease and less stress. You also will have someone there for you to take care of
you and make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle and are a healthy person as well.

4.Therefore…. Marriage prevents you from dying alone
Think about the future, do you want to be 60 and be single?

5. Married couples have more sex and better sex
Many studies show that this is true. While single guys are in bars not knowing how the
night will end, married men are home having sex if they want to and with the one person
that they care about the most. When you are not with someone or married, the sex is
unstable and there is a possibility that it could only be about sex. When you are
emotionally committed, it makes it way better because you have a stronger connection
and you know that the person will be in your life forever.

6. “The thought of loving someone forever makes me happy!”
Marriage offers a wonderful stability and support that allows you to be happy! This spills
over to all other aspects of life. This can bring greater success and you can accomplish
more because you have a loving and caring partner. It is someone to lean on and travel
with, and make friends together with. To create your own life with and never be lonely.

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