Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup Looks

It’s officially October and that means you have to think of what you’ll have to be for Halloween!

Whether you go all out or just throw on whatever it is you have laying around, we figured we’d help give you some inspiration!

1. Ventriloquist Doll

Ventriloquist Doll
Sufficiently creepy if you’re with someone who can throw their voice. Find out how to re-create the look here.

2. Taxidermy Deer

Taxidermy Deer

Like a regular deer, but deader. Get the tutorial here.

3. Vincent Van Gogh

Just add brushstrokes of different paint colors until you look properly ~artistic~.

4. Mermaid


All you need is a fishnet stocking and brightly colored eye shadow. Check out the how-to here.

5. Wednesday Addams

25 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Actually Easy

All you need is black eyeliner, black lipstick, and a dark sense of humor. Watch the whole tutorial here.

6. Super Hero Eye Mask

Super Hero Eye Mask

Don’t have a mask for your last-minute costume? DIY one you won’t lose with black eyeliner. Check out how to do it here.

7. Snapchat’s Rainbow Lens

25 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Actually Easy

So TiMeLy. Get the video how-to here.

8. Spider Queen

Spider Queen

The perfect eyeliner fix for a last-minute black dress costume.

9. Lace Makeup

Lace Makeup

Just apply eye shadow through a piece of spare lace — ideal for a fairy or any ~ethereal~ costume. Learn more here.

10. Plastic Surgery Patient

25 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Actually Easy

Use black eyeliner to mark the incision spots, and add a little fake blood. Done! Learn more here.

11. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

You’ll *heart* this super-simple tutorial.

12. Twiggy

25 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Actually Easy

The only time you do want your eyelashes to clump together. Watch the video here.

13. David Bowie I

David Bowie I

Using scotch tape to outline the lightning makes this tutorial ~legit~ easy.

14. David Bowie II

David Bowie II

Blend on some orange shading and add a big ole gold circle. Rockin’. Get all the steps here.

15. Scarecrow


Throw on your favorite flannel shirt, draw adorably messy stitch marks around your mouth and nose, and you’re good to go. Learn more here.

16. Pixelated Makeup


Use a flat edge brush and wipe down to make perfect pixels. Watch the how-to here.

17. Lichtenstein Pop Art


“Oh, Brad! I can’t believe this makeup was so simple!”

18. Skeleton


Pretty much the look you get when trying to even out your eyeliner.

19. Black Widow

Black Widow

Deadly. Find out how to get the look here.

20. Cracked Porcelain Doll

Just start with classic doll makeup and add a few strategic black eyeliner ~cracks~.

21. Crying Blood

It’s as easy as combining chocolate sauce and red food dye and dripping them down your face.

22. Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra

Channel the screen queen with this simple tutorial.

23. Leopard Cat Eyes

Take that cat costume to the next level. Write little C’s on your lids with black eyeliner, and then fill the C’s in with shimmery highlighter. Easier than it looks! Get all the details here.

24. American Horror Story Asylum White Nun

American Horror Story Asylum White Nun

White face paint + black eyeliner + strategic “weeping.”

25. Bat Mask

Bat Mask

Trace the outside of a mask with eyeliner, and fill in the design to your specifications.

If you happen to be planning an event, whether it be for Halloween ,your wedding, sweet 16 or a corporate event, we’re here to help!

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