Getting Active Will Help Improve Your Dating Life

Getting Active Will Help Improve Your Dating Life

You know those classic rom-com scenes where the woman is taking her morning run through the park, and she just happens to trip over herself and fall into the shirtless, good-looking dude who is also out in the park for his morning run?

Just think; getting active will help improve your dating life.

Whether you’re in the wedding planning stages or you just dating, take a look at this post and see how getting more active can benefit you and your overall health.

While your daily workout routine may not lead you directly to the love of your life, it can have a profound impact on your dating life in a variety of ways.

1. Stop Swiping, Start Running

Rather than exercising your thumb with a swipe right and swipe left on your trusty dating app, try something new. Sign up for a running club, a yoga session or a workout class at your local gym.

Put yourself in a social setting where you may meet someone new.

Plus, you immediately know you and this person already share a common interest of fitness.

2. It’s A Social Experience

By signing up for a workout class or joining a local gym, you are automatically putting yourself in a social setting where you have the chance to interact with people around you.

If you work at home eight hours a day, your physical and in-person interactions can be extremely limited.

While you may not meet someone new to take on a date within a fitness class or workout group, the fitness setting can allow you to increase your social interaction by conversing with people you’ve never met before.

This will make you more comfortable while talking with someone on a first date.

3. Shows Commitment

Starting a new diet or fitness plan and staying with it shows the person you’re dating, or wanting to date, that you have the willpower and determination to commit to something.

Staying consistent with your fitness routine shows the other person you’re not a quitter.

If you’re able to dedicate yourself to exercise or eating healthy, your significant other will know you have the ability to also commit yourself to a relationship.

4. The First Date

The first thing that pops into most of our heads when we think “first date” is dinner and a movie.

It’s simple and classic, but what about doing something different? What about doing something that incorporates some type of exercise or physical activity?

Rather than dinner and a movie, go on an early morning or afternoon hike, take a beginner’s boxing class, rent some bicycles, take a cooking class or go paddle boarding together.

By incorporating some sort of fun, physical activity into a first date, you can surprise him or her and have more than just a typical first encounter.

You can create a memory you can both look back on and laugh about together.

5. Looking Good

Let’s be real: Being physically attracted to someone and being physically appealing to another person plays a large role in the dating realm.

Being attracted to one another is important in a relationship. Starting to exercise or changing your nutrition can help you lose some unwanted weight, or it will simply assist in maintaining your current physical state.

Keeping yourself in shape also shows the other person you care about your health and understand the importance of maintaining your physical well-being.

6. More Confidence

Going along with improving one’s physical state, fitness can also improve your mental state. Engaging yourself in physical activity is going to make you feel better about yourself and the way you look.

Asserting confidence within yourself is going to make you more self-assured when approaching someone at a bar or going on that first date.

Confidence is an attractive quality, so it’s simple math: Increase your confidence, and increase your attractiveness.

Get up, dust off the running shoes and take a stroll through the outside world.

Just think: You may even elegantly trip and fall into the arms of your future husband. Do you really want to take a chance of missing out on that?

I didn’t think so.

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