Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors

Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors

The planning of a wedding is a pretty significant time in someone’s life, a time filled with mushy goodness and maybe some not so goodnessnesses.

We discovered, that most web searches had to include  “gay friendly” or “same sex” – which seemed weird to us that this was the the only way that we’d know if that particular vendor was gay-friendly or not.

As an entertainment company who does over 400 wedding and events a year, we noticed a gap missing in the industy. The supportive “gay friendly wedding” and “same sex wedding” vendors! We hope one day there is no need to actually label a weddng “gay” or “same sex” because at the end of the day, it’s wedding period!

Planning a wedding or celebration can be very time consuming and emotionally/physically straining, but what a lot of people don’t know, is that LGBTIQ couples often have an added anxiety to their planning mix when discussing their events with vendors. Especially if they live in a city or country where being lesbian, gay, trans, inter or queer and wanting to marry is illegal.

It can be quite heartbreaking to receive negative responses, or lack there of,  from vendors on what should be a very positive and exciting experience.

What most people don’t realise is that a big majority of LGBTIQ couples who are planning a wedding will be hesitant to contact a vendor if a vendor’s website or social media does not appear to be gay-friendly.

A large percentage of LGBTIQ couples will choose gay-friendly vendors compared to less obvious gay-friendly vendors even if they are cheaper. This is predominant because couples don’t have to ask the awkward question AND having a warm and welcoming vendor who will not treat a couple negatively, based on the couple’s identity, is priceless.

LGBTIQ friendly vendors should:
1. Proudly show it on their websites/social media by displaying real (LGBTIQ) weddings and content OR
2. Actively show that they support marriage equality via banners, buttons or flags


(That’s our homepage on our site and you can read about our certification we earned earlier this year here!)

We are as passionate about marriage equality being part of history with every couple we work with. Ultimately, love is love and we just want you to celebrate with ME!

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