Find Wedding Inspiration (Besides Pinterest)

Find Wedding Inspiration (Besides Pinterest)

7 Places to Find Wedding Inspiration (Besides Pinterest)

We all know how easy it is to get sucked into the never-ending world of inspiration on Pinterest (BTW you should follow us if you don’t already). The truth is that there are plenty of other places to find wedding ideas! If you’re trying to get your creative juices flowing, try looking in one of these spots.

Your own home
When you’re thinking about the overall decor aesthetic for your event, there’s no better place to look to than your own house! You’ve likely decorated it with things that fit your personal style. When you’re picking out place settings, think of what you stock your cabinet with or the kind of flatware you prefer to use. You’ve probably already developed a taste for certain types of decor and furniture, so don’t be afraid to rely on your instincts. After all, this day should be an accurate reflection of you!

Think about the places you and your S.O. love to eat. What makes it so good? Is it the kind of food they serve or is it the way the dish is presented? or the style in which they serve it? Is it the overall atmosphere or the cocktail menu? If there are certain go-to dishes you always order, consider having your favorite restaurant cater (if that’s a possibility) or asking your caterer to replicate a similar menu.

Your wardrobe
When it comes to your wedding day ensemble, you want to make sure you look (and feel) like your best self! Peruse through your current wardrobe and try to define your style. Are you preppy or more classic? Do you have a lot of vintage pieces or are you up on the latest trends? This can help you when you’re shopping for a suit or dress! Letting the stylist know what your personal style is can help them select a wow-worthy wedding ensemble.

Farmers market
Unsure about what kind of florals you want for the big celebration? Take a stroll through your local farmers market and see what catches your eye. Take pictures of arrangements or specific blooms you like and share them with your florist. They’ll be able to tell you what can work based on the season and location of your wedding, as well as your budget.

Local bar
Trying to put together a playlist for your big day? Head to a few bars near your wedding location that offer live music or special guest DJs! You can get song inspiration for your first dance, entrance dance, and beyond. We love the idea of a date night that can double as wedding planning. Talk about efficiency!

Weddings you attend
Every wedding you’re invited to is an opportunity to get ideas and inspiration for your own. Loving their band? Find out if they can travel to your wedding location! Obsessed with the dessert bar? Set one up at your wedding! It’s totally fine to copy ideas you see and put your own personal twist on them. You might see something at a friend or family member’s wedding you never knew you wanted at yours.

Your parent’s wedding album
It’s not as outdated as you think! Looking through old photos can help you add some sentimental value to your wedding. Some couples have set up pictures of their parents’ wedding day to display at the reception. You can also mimic their cake style or take wedding portraits similar to your parents. You’ll be surprised by all the inspo you can find just by taking a walk down memory lane.

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