Father/Daughter Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

From walking her down the aisle, to the emotional father-daughter dance, your Dad is an extremely important part of a woman’s wedding day.

Of course, it’s never easy for a Dad to give away his ‘little girl’ to the man she loves, however it is an extraordinary gesture that means the world to you both. The Dad featured in this video wanted to do something extra special for his ‘Little Girl’.

And that was to sign a beautiful song to her.

Nicole Cortez posted the video on the internet with her father singing, “I Loved Her First” by the popular band Heartland. sbtreatment.com and Stromectol Although Nicole isn’t deaf, she is a sign language interpreter and was overwhelmed that her dad had learned to sign for this stunning tribute.

She said, “This meant the absolute world to me. It took him an entire year to learn how to sign this song.” He did an amazing job and you can see how much it moved his daughter to tears. Be sure to watch this until the very end so you don’t miss the BEST part. Dad singing “I’m watching you” to his new son-in-law!

What do you think of this beautiful performance?

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