Fall Wedding Color Palettes

Fall Wedding Color Palettes

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to bring on the rich and earthy fall wedding colors! Today’s inspiration focuses on a more natural look that manages to create drama and beauty from shades of brown, berry, and gold.

| 6 Earthy Wedding Palettes

Brown is a natural choice for a fall wedding, if not a compelling hue all on its own. Layer shades of warm wood or cognac leather with berry and burgundy for a classic, farm-inspired palette, or muted yellow and green to echo fading foliage.

| 6 Earthy Wedding Palettes| 6 Earthy Wedding Palettes

Soft pastel shades are usually associated with spring weddings, but there’s no reason they can’t take center stage in the fall! Delicate shades of blush find their place in autumn months when paired with delicate fawn brown and warm amber. For a more industrial take, eggshell and bone create a soft background for the red-brown of rust.| 6 Earthy Wedding Palettes| 6 Earthy Wedding Palettes

I love taking inspiration from the landscape, and fall represents the most variety when it comes to color. Autumn grasses, crunchy leaves, ripening berries – there’s so much color and texture to choose from to capture the feel of the woods. For a more desert inspired palette, marbled shades of yellow and gray evoke the arid setting.| 6 Earthy Wedding Palettes

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