Engagement Rings – What you need to know

Engagement Rings – What you need to know

Whether you’re in a relationship and you and your other half are both looking to take the next step or you’re single and want to dream about your future engagement ring…

Here are some of the most helpful photos and bits of information to help better understand engagement rings. Covering everything from size to band details and everything in between!

1. Structure of a Ring

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Let’s start with the basics, when you go hunting for the perfect ring, why not know the basic anatomy? You’re welcome.

2. Ring Sizing
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You can get ring size by simply asking, or turn into the most skilled spy and get their size on the down low. (Hint: a promise ring can help you with in the long run. Just a thought.)

3. Diamond Sizingengagement ring blog

engagement ring blog

If you’re looking for a delicate ring, a smaller carat will give you that look rather than a larger carat. Also, carat is often used to refer to the diamond’s size, but it actually refers to the weight. Two diamonds can weigh the same, but appear to be two different sizes, depending on how they’re cut.

4. Shapes

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Maybe a classic round is your go to shape? Or maybe a sweet heart cut? (that radiant cut – insert praising hands emoji)

5. Color


Color isn’t needed, but is completely up to you.

6. Clarity




Clarity refers to the flawlessness of a diamond. The higher the clarity, the higher the price. You’re paying for the ‘perfection’ of a diamond.

7. Spread


A spread diamond is wider than it is tall, meaning it looks bigger than it actually is.

8. Your Metal

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The band is another key factor. What she he or she wear most often? Also, If your love works with their hands a lot, it’s better to go with a more sturdy band.

9. Band Details

engagement ring blogengagement ring blogengagement ring blog

Today, you can completely customize your ring. These options just show you how to make that ring really stand out and make it perfect down to every single detail.

10. Cost
engagement ring blog

engagement ring blog

There are different ‘rules’ for how much you should spend on a ring, it’s said to save 3 month’s salary BUT that’s just not realistic for everyone.

As much as people stress over the size and cost of an engagement ring, the actual meaning of an engagement ring is a proposal to love and cherish that person forever, so the size and cost shouldn’t weigh too heavy on you. You’ll know whether to go over the top or keep it dainty and delicate. Remember, this is a very special moment for the both of you! <3


So now that we’ve made you fall in love with 5 different engagement ring designs, what is the one you can really picture for yourself? Or maybe you have your dream ring already, what’s that rock look like?

PS – getting engaged or newly engaged? Check out our wedding page and contact us to help you plan that big day! Also, check out our Pinterest for wedding inspirations.

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