Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos

When CrossFit brings you together, nothing can tear your relationship apart – you’re too strong to let it.

Joe and Iliana, who train together at a gym dedicated to the high-intensity training program, decided to pay homage to their passion with a CrossFit-themed engagement shoot.

As two former gymnasts, the pair certainly shares a shared love of fitness.


The pair, who first met while working at Orlando’s SeaWorld, told the Huffington Post the shoot is about capturing a pastime that both unites them and helps them act as a team.


That’s good training for a strong marriage.

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The photos show impressive feats of strength, including one where Joe holds Iliana above him as if she weighs nothing. (umm…what?)


She explained, “I had joked around with Joe and told him we should take pictures at the box because that’s where we spend most of our time together.”

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“Then he asked our photographer about it and she sounded excited so he said we should try it out.”

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“I was all for it — to just do something that was a little more ‘us.’”

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But as she explained, the photos represent who they really are as a couple.


“On the days we have off together, this is what we look forward to doing together.”

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In their place is the industrial backdrop of the couple’s Ocoee, Florida gym.

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Some of the most complex poses required a little coaching from Joe, who’s two years more experienced than Iliana.

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These two are a match made in cardio heaven.



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