Don’t panic or call 911!

Don’t panic or call 911!

Don’t panic or call 911!

This list will help you prepare for any situation.

Pre-threaded needles:

The host of an event’s biggest fear is ripping their dress

and being embarrassed that you can see through it for the rest of the party. In this case,

packing some needles with thread colors that corresponds to your outfit, is very handy!

You can have your dress/outfit fixed in no time and the rip can be easily gone from

sewing it together. This fear will be fixed with this important piece in your kit and you

can help out any guest at your party if it happens to them.

Breathe mints:

Did you eat something garlicky or has it just been a long event for

you? Packing mints or gum will provide yourself with an instant good taste and it will

make you more confident to socialize. Nobody wants to hide themselves from guests or

shy away from having conversations because they have bad breath. This is essential to

have and will make you feel so much better if you need it.


During those sappy moments from a toast, ceremony, or any other moment

during the event, tissues will come into good use to fix your makeup and wipe away

those happy tears away. This can be helpful to hand out to your guests as well.

Stain remover:

This could be Tide To Go, but having this will be a huge help when

noticing stains from the delicious meal the event provided that you did not want to stop

eating. It happens, we all can be messy and have accidents, but now your stain will

hopefully disappear from packing this in your kit!

Makeup bag:

What happens if your makeup smears or comes off during the party?

No worries, you can pack the same makeup that you used to get ready with so that if this

happens, you can reapply and fix it in the bathroom during the event. Your lipstick will

be fresh and your eye shadow will brand new.

Comfortable shoes to wear during post event:

After the event, you

probably want to take your heels off from all of those hours of dancing in them. Your

feet are probably killing you and being anxious to take them off will be acceptable

because you packed other shoes to slip on for after!

Granola bars/ snacks:

You might be so busy that you forget to eat. Your

stomach will be rumbling, but packing some healthy snacks or power bars will hold you

over until cocktail hour comes around! This will give you quick energy so that you won’t

start feeling sick for your special day; which could ruin your attitude about having a party

or wanting to dance.

Band-Aids and Advil:

Are your heels cutting you or do you have a headache

from all of the loud music? This can be ended with having safety products in your

emergency kit. Band-Aids will hold you over for the event and Advil will provide a quick

headache relief for you.

Emergency numbers and contacts:

Having this handy is necessary and you

have no option; it is a MUST. If a guest gets injured or hurt, having a contact to call to

bring them help is essential. This also can be used if you end up dealing with a food

problem or in extreme cases having to call the caterer up. In other situations, you may

need to contact another service that you have used if you are missing something or need

help with an issue that has risen.

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