Check out this nontraditional wedding!

Check out this nontraditional wedding!

(LOTS & LOTS of photos, because you’re going to want to get a good look at this cool wedding)

Australian couple Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fogere (co-creators of Sticks and Stones Agency), decided to jet to Vegas for the coolest nontraditional wedding you’ve ever seen! No white dress and tux for this couple.

enhanced-buzz-wide-2859-1425946069-8First, they arrive to Vegas and have a pre-wedding party. Just them and their daring photographer.

enhanced-buzz-wide-7723-1425946607-16Second, they get ready for their wedding! Notice Ainsley isn’t wearing a white wedding dress, and Sebastien definitely isn’t wearing the traditional wedding suit. Yet they still look amazing.

enhanced-buzz-wide-11380-1425946053-19Then the couple take a few photos before finalizing their life-long bond.


enhanced-buzz-wide-26713-1425946848-24Next, Ainsley and Sebastien got married by the one and only, Elvis.

enhanced-buzz-wide-16631-1425946788-21enhanced-buzz-wide-23531-1425946111-50Sticking to ‘nontraditional’…the couple adds something special to “death do us part.” They get matching tattoos!


enhanced-buzz-wide-17531-1425946246-28(We’re relieved they didn’t get each other’s names, although, we’re pretty sure this couple was a match made is super cool heaven)

Now the couple can celebrate…


enhanced-buzz-wide-17533-1425946217-16Here come some really cool wedding photos…prepare to be jealous, VERY jealous!


enhanced-buzz-wide-7679-1425946169-17enhanced-buzz-wide-3418-1425946282-19Talk about ‘Happily Ever After.’ What a beautiful photo of the couple. (swoon!)enhanced-buzz-wide-26725-1425946317-16

The only suggestion to make this wedding any better…a HUGE party in the Vegas desert. With you know who providing the music! 😉

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