Candle Lighting Displays For Mitzvahs

Candle Lighting Displays For Mitzvahs

Candle lighting ceremonies are a tradition many families like to include in their celebration, if it’s a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or Wedding!

Whether you are lighting one candle or thirteen, you’ll need a display. Some families are opting for creative alternatives to a traditional cake and candle lighting. Check out these fun and different setups!

1A booth for the Olympic rings candle lighting display

2 Floating candles and custom name cutouts in navy blue glitter

3A beautiful and colorful cupcake display

4White votive floating candles were displayed in clear vases for this candle lighting

5Thirteen pillar candles spelled out JUST JORDAN 2/1/14

6A candle lighting display in green sparkle for Julia

7A winter candle lighting display for a hockey themed Bar Mitzvah

8A surfboard candle lighting

9Bar Mitzvah boy Alex enjoyed a Puzzle Candle Lighting ceremony

10An art palette in Lucite. Each guest that was honored during the candle lighting ceremony came up and filled the palette with colored glass that the family found at Michaels. Each guest then received a bud vase that was etched with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s logo and Bat Mitzvah date

11A 4 x 8 illuminated framed piece of artwork for this Yankee themed celebration. Each guest was called up by a Bob Shepard voice impersonator and the plasma screen read, “Now Batting”…with their name. As they lit each candle, a button was pressed and a different section of Yankee Stadium became illuminated

12Rather than having a traditional 13 candle lighting ceremony, Amanda chose to honor her family and friends while lighting three beautiful candles

13Sarah’s name in lights

14“Tennis anyone?”

15A 6 foot ice sculpture candle lighting display for Joshua

16A creative candle lighting display based on Baked by Melissa.

17Different shades of pink for this feminine and chic candle lighting display

For more inspiration, go here!

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