Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids Dresses

You’re starting to plan your big day, amazing! But on top of everything, you need to think about your bridesmaids and what they’re going to wear and their jobs. So take a look at these points, you’re going to want to keep them in mind.

1. Be a Good Friend

The quickest way to upset your best friends? Invite them to be in your bridal party, and then turn them into fashion victims. Don’t dress them in something hideous so you’ll look better in comparison, and don’t choose bridesmaid dresses that make your girls look heavy or totally unsexy.bridesmaids goodbridesmaids bad 2. Find the Right Feel

Take your time and decide how you want the bridesmaid dresses to complement your wedding gown. Find a style that evokes the same feel as your dress but isn’t too similar — you don’t want your bridesmaids looking like the bride and you shouldn’t want them to look like a train wreck. beach-bridesmaid

3. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Search for a style that flatters the different sizes and shapes of your bridesmaids. A-line skirts and empire waists tend to look good on all body types.


4. Mix It Up

Or consider choosing a color or fabric and then letting each bridesmaid pick a style that best suits her body type. Your petite bridesmaid and taller attendant may look totally different in the same dress and would surely appreciate the chance to pick their own style. bridesmaid-dresses-mixed

5. Color Them Beautiful

Choose colors that you like and think would look good on all of your friends (consider their complexions and hair colors). Brighter colors are generally more flattering with darker complexions, while pastel hues are a perfect pick for girls with fairer skin. bridesmaids color

6. Fill Their Closets

Be kind — don’t ask your friends to purchase a bridesmaid dress they absolutely wouldn’t be caught dead wearing ever again. Think about what your bridesmaids could do with the dresses after the wedding (little black dresses and dark-colored slip dresses are both re-wearable options).


7. Covering the Cost

Remember to think about everyone’s present financial situation. (A general price range for bridesmaid dresses is $100 to $300.) If you fall in love with a dress that’s a bit over their budgets, consider covering the difference yourself. Film Review Bridesmaids

8. Poll Your Pals

Ask your bridesmaids to go dress shopping with you, but don’t bring them all at once if you have more than four — it will be way too hard to formulate your own opinion. Instead, use our bridesmaid dress search and email info about bridesmaid dresses you like to your friends. Listen to their feedback. women-voters

9. Make a List

Put notes beside each name about what kind of dress you think would look good on her, how much you think is fair to ask her to pay for it and anything else you want to include.bridesmaids-lists-of-names

10. Reusable Hues

Choose dresses your ladies can use over and over and let them have it be worn to formal events after your wedding. Just add different accessories.reusable-bridesmaid

11. Comfort Level

If you’re considering strapless dresses or bridesmaid gowns that don’t accommodate bras, ask your bridal party if they would be comfortable in such a style before making a decision. bridesmaid-comfy

12. Get It Done

Don’t be a control freak and try to do everything on your own. Appoint your maid of honor or a highly responsible bridesmaid to be in charge of organizing gown purchases.wedding_checklist_timeline


Need more inspiration for your dresses? Take a look HERE!

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