The Bride Wore Black

The Bride Wore Black

The bride wore black…

A bride breaks tradition and wears a dramatic ‘gothic’ wedding gown to walk down the aisle… and it was simply ‘because she wanted to.’

Bride, Sophie, wore a jet black beaded gown for her wedding dress  designed by Anthony Montesano from Signor Mont Couture. The bridesmaids also wore all black gowns.3314D26400000578-3535187-image-a-47_14604407398653314D29E00000578-3535187-image-a-42_1460438591454

The groom wore coated black jeans, a paisley shirt and maroon blazer. Sophie said she ‘never wanted to look like everybody else’ at her wedding.

When most brides-to-be (or even just single women in their 20s) dream about their wedding day, their fantasies usually include a beautiful white dress.

For Sophie, from Melbourne, this wasn’t what she wanted for her big day.3314D26000000578-3535187-image-a-49_1460440874748

The 25-year-old decided to break tradition and wear a jet black gown to walk down the aisle and marry her husband-to-be.3314D26400000578-3535187-image-a-47_1460440739865

The dress, designed by Anthony Montesano from Signor Mont Couture, featured a fishtail bottom, low neckline and intricate beading.  

Not only did she wear black, but so did all her bridesmaids, who wore simple black, high necked dresses with long sleeves.

The alternate wedding also shunned tradition when it came to the bouquets, with the bridesmaid carry only greenery and not flowers. Mrs Cachia’s bouquet was also heavy with green, with some pink and purple flowers brightening it up. 3314D28100000578-3535187-image-a-41_1460436244527

She chose to wear black as it reflected her style.

‘I always wear black anyway, I think it suits me and it’s such a bold and striking color,’ she said.

Mrs Cachia said when she was trying on traditional wedding gowns before her big day, she felt like she was ‘playing dress-ups in my mum’s wedding dress’.

Mrs Cachia’s now-husband, Jaryd Cachia, also shunned tradition, and paired a maroon dinner jacket with a paisley shirt, black bow tie and leather pants.3314C55300000578-3535187-image-a-46_1460439456130

‘We didn’t do it for anyone but us, we wanted to wear what we wanted to wear, simple as that,’ Mrs Cachia said.

Mrs Cachia said everyone that knew her was not surprised she chose to wear black, and she and her husband simply wanted to wear something they wanted to wear on their wedding day.3314D26D00000578-3535187-image-a-50_1460441060749

‘I didn’t want anything traditional … everyone has a wedding, why does everyone have to do everything the same, there’s no rule book,’ she said.3314D28800000578-3535187-The_dress_was_designed_by_Anthony_Montesano_left_from_Signor_Mon-a-52_1460441378933

‘I didn’t do it for attention, or to be known as the girl who wore a black dress on my wedding day.

‘I just wanted to wear a dress I think is beautiful.’

We couldn’t agree more! This bride, groom and gown are all breath-taking.

We love weddings and the more unique, the better! Congrats to the new couple!

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