Break The Rules!

Break The Rules!

5 Wedding Rules to Break in 2017

Although wedding traditions all around the world are cherished, sometimes they feel repetitive

and can be a big snooze so don’t feel alone if you’re thinking that some of those traditions don’t

fit into your wedding. Here are 5 wedding rules that can be thrown out the window in 2017. Get

creative! For more information, look here!

No. 1 Rule to Break: Wearing a white wedding dress

This is a tired tradition that needs to be put to rest. If you want a nontraditional wedding-day

ensemble, a big trend this year is cropped separates with a bright, bold top paired with an elegant


Check out our “Spring Stylin Dresses” blog for some ideas to make you stand out from any other

bride look you may already have in mind.

No. 2 Rule to Break: Matching bridesmaid dresses

Save yourself and your friends the pressure of trying to find the perfect bridesmaid dress that looks

great on everyone — it’s almost impossible. Your bridesmaids will most likely have different skin

tones, body shapes and budgets. If you’re already set on a specific color that you want them to

wear, compromise by letting them pick out a dress in a similar shade that compliments them

perfectly and the price is within their means.

Not sure what else your bridesmaids are expected to pay for? Check out the our “Bridesmaids

Expected Expenses” blog for a small guide on what they should and shouldn’t be expected to pay


No. 3 Rule to Break: Multiple parties leading up to the wedding

Ditch the engagement party, bridal shower and bachelorette party (although these are always

exciting to have) for one pre-wedding blowout. Plan for this to take place a couple months before

you tie the knot. Not only is this a huge time and money saver, but eliminates a large load of stress

for you. Plus, you and your partner can both be present to enjoy the festivities.

Check out our awesome Dj/Entertainment Packages that we offer to make sure you have one rockin


No. 4 Rule to Break: Sticking to a budget

Okay okay, I know this definitely might sound out of the ordinary but you need to stop stressing

over the budget, because it’s inevitable that you’re going to spend more than anticipated anyway.

Determine a reasonable amount of money you’re willing to spend with your fiancé, but don’t over-

analyze everything you purchase. This will also help you prioritize what is important and what you

really don’t need to have. If you’re still having some trouble, you can never go wrong with hiring an

event planner. It will still be your special day but you’ll just have a little bit more of a guidance with a

planner since it is their profession to make everything possible for your big day.

Check out “Reasons to Hire an Event Planner” for some extra perks of what else they can do for


No. 5 Rule to Break: Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are nice and fun to give and receive but sometimes they can be quite played out.

For example, instead of handing out small bags of monogrammed M&Ms to guests as they leave,

why not give something even more meaningful? For something that would really touch the heart,

consider making a small donation to a local charity in each guest’s name. Not only might you touch

the heart of your guests, but you will have also made a difference in hundreds of other lives.

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