The Best Bat/Bar Mitzvah Timeline

The Best Bat/Bar Mitzvah Timeline

The Best Bat/Bar Mitzvah Timeline

Where do you start!?

Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah will be an event you and your peers will cherish forever. Your

child gets to join the adulthood and everything should be perfectly mapped out so that

you don’t forget anything. Check out this timeline and these tips with your child about

where to start, end, and what to not forget for your special day!

BEFORE ANYTHING: you need to write down how much you are willing to spend for

each piece you’re planning for this event to make this celebration the most successful.

Use this list below and estimate the price of what you would like to spend next to each

listed to get yourself organized:

  • Temple/synagogue booking _________
  • Place of celebration booking _________
  • Bat/Bar mitzvah training _________
  • Photographer _________
  • Videographer _________
  • DJ/Band _________
  • DJ giveaways _________
  • Invitations _________
  • Decorations _________
  • Centerpieces _________
  • Caterer _________
  • Attire _________
  • Transportation if needed _________
  • TOTAL BUDGET _________

Planning a Bat/Bar Mitzvah takes a lot of time and effort and you should start planning at

least 2 years prior to your event to make sure that you have your date and place set. Now

that you have already set your budget; you’re ready to start with the checklist!

2 Years before the event:

___ Obtain date from temple or synagogue

___ Book place and date of the celebration after temple

___ Decide on the type of event you want (day, evening, formal, casual/fancy party)

___ Start making a list of guests and how many you can have with your budget

___ Book the photographer and videographer

1 ½ Years before the event:

___ Start picking a theme for your party

___ Book the band/DJ

___ Have caterers in mind

6-12 Months before the event:

___ Have your child start lessons/training for what they will be presenting at Temple

___ Find/make a invitation to send in the mail to your guests and make sure the price fits

your budget

___ Find a centerpiece and decorations that corresponds to your theme

6-8 Months before the event:

___ Invitations should all be sent out

___ Book arrangements with caterer and map out what will be served

6-8 Weeks before the event:

___ Make song/ game list for DJ/Band

___ Make appointments for balloons and florists/ extra decorations

1 Month before the event:

___ Arrange hair appointment/ nail appointments

___ Fittings done for attire

___ Put together speeches that will be said (Guests honored for candle lighting


___ Put together party favors

1-3 weeks after:

Make sure to start writing personal thank you letters so that your guests know how much

you appreciated them being at your event and a even bigger thank you for the lovely gifts

that you received for them. Try to make these letters as personable as you can instead of

saying the same general thing on each letter. They took their time to come and buy you

something special, so you should thank them as much as you can for being wonderful



– Make sure that everything you book and add towards your event has a price

written down next to everything before you completely start. You need to make

sure that your budget does not go over; it is better to be under than over or you

will drive yourself insane!

– You want to start picking a theme very early so that you can start picking center-

pieces, decorations, and have a basis of ideas on what you want to add to match

the theme. This will make everything look good and have entertainment related to

your theme. You also want your guests leaving with a small souvenir as a

memory from this day that they can keep forever. It can be as small as a shirt, a

bag of goodies, but make sure that it relates to the theme.

– Sending an invitation at least 6 months prior is the best way to go so that your

guests can keep this date available to make sure that they can spend your special

day with you. If you send it out too late, they might already have a prior

commitment, which will put a damper on your mood!

– If you are worried about how your hair and attire will look on the day of, you can

have a trial done to your hair to assure that it will be exactly how you imagined it

to be. In this case, if you do not like the trial, you can change it up and choose

something different.

– When choosing guests to become honored during the ceremony or to lite a candle

on your cake, make your speeches entertaining and personable because your

guests will all be watching you and they want to be entertained. Writing poems or

having funny past memories will make everyone laugh and feel special when

hearing you talk about them!

– When hiring a vendor, make sure that they know how important this is to your

family and that this is the day you have all been waiting for. If they aren’t

understanding and realize how this needs to be perfect, they are not the right

vendor to invest your money in.

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