Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Beach Wedding Centerpieces

18 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Are you looking for the perfect beach wedding centerpieces?  Your table decorations are a great way to tie your theme and style together.  And because there will be so many of them, they’re a great way to get that wow effect!

In this post, I’ll share pictures of amazing arrangements that will do just that!  And I’ll also share some tips that are very unique to beach weddings.

Beach Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Starfish Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Many brides wonder how they can incorporate their seaside theme without overdoing it and looking tacky.  As soon as I saw these arrangements, I thought they were great examples of understated, subtle but beautiful ways to do just that.

starfish beach wedding centerpiecesBeach wedding centerpieces

beach wedding centerpiece

Beach Wedding Centerpieces in Bright Colors

When most people think of beach themed wedding centerpieces, they envision sand, seashells and starfish. But that’’s not the only way to capture the spirit of the tropics.

Exotic flowers in bold colors or even more simple and elegant flowers that can withstand the heat and sun can all be awesome options!  Instead of choosing arrangements that just blend in with your backdrop, enhance the natural beauty of your surroundings with colorful, exotic arrangements that pop and will look absolutely stunning in pictures.

tropical beach wedding centerpieces_2

tropical beach wedding centerpieces

Beach Wedding Candle Centerpieces Ideas

Just the act of getting married by the ocean is romantic in and of itself, but if you want to take the ambiance to the next level, there’’s no better way than with some candlelit beach theme wedding centerpieces.  Just the thought makes my heart flutter! It’’s such a simple, inexpensive and beautiful touch to any décor.

A great way to prevent the flames from going out with the wind is putting floating candles in tall cylinder vases. It will give your tables a sleek, modern and stylish look. Just make sure the candles float somewhere in the middle to prevent the wind from blowing them out.

candle beach wedding centerpieces

candle and seashell beach wedding centerpieces

How about combining candles and flowers in your beach wedding centerpieces?

seashell beach wedding centerpiece

wedding centerpiece with flowers submerged in water with candles

I absolutely love, love, love this next table arrangement. It is elegant, romantic and beachy all in one. I’m rarely at a loss for words, but the photo of this arrangement speaks a thousand words so there’s not much more I can say about it!

beach wedding centerpieces

Calla Lily Beach Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

White themed ceremonies are a popular and growing trend which I personally love because they just look so romantic, simple and laid back!

One of the most popular flowers for beach wedding bouquets and centerpieces is the calla lily. The most popular variety is white, but because the stems are so thick and bright green you can rest assured that they won’’t look boring or washed out. On the contrary, calla’s can look absolutely stunning depending on the arrangement.

calla lily wedding centerpiece

calla lily beach wedding centerpiece

Long Beach Wedding Table Centerpieces

Because of the intimate nature of most destination weddings, many brides choose to have one long rectangular table instead of multiple round ones.   Long tables give you that sense of family and really encourage conversation.  Here are some beach wedding centerpiece ideas for long tables.

beach wedding centerpiece for long tables

beach wedding centerpieces for long tables

beach wedding centerpieces for long tables_2

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