Awesome Bachelorette Party Themes and Ideas

Awesome Bachelorette Party Themes and Ideas

Awesome Bachelorette Party Themes and Ideas

If the thought of putting your hand down a strange man’s pants leaves you contemplating

whether or not to have a bachelorette party, don’t give up just yet! There are plenty of ways to

celebrate a friend’s last day as a single lady in an all-out fun way. Here are a few interesting and

enjoyable bachelorette party ideas.

Pony Up

You know what they say “marriage is a gamble”, so why not throw a spectacular bachelorette

party at a casino or race track? Typically there are nice restaurants near by so grab a bite to eat

and maybe go see a show or book rooms overnight. Also the best part about having a gambling

theme bachelorette party is that some of you may walk away with money! And what better way

to make enough money to pay for the bridesmaid dresses or even a wedding present.

A Trip to Pamper Palace

Suggest a day or weekend spa event and send everyone running for their plush terry robes.

You’ll relinquish all the junk food and alcohol, but after you notice how clean your pores are and

the soft feeling after your skins been exfoliated, it will all be worth it. You could pick a full-service

spa that offers everything from massages to makeovers and manicures. The bride will definitely

appreciate the stress-reliever and you may even find the perfect look for the wedding day.

It’s Disco Time

Whoever said disco was dead was wrong! If the bride was a tube-top- wearing ball of Saturday

Night Fever energy in the 70s — or a Studio 54 wannabe, at any rate — why not bring it back to

life? You can bring the spandex and we’ll bring the glow sticks. You bring the afro’s and we’ll

bring the disco ball. If you’re gonna keep it indoors, we’ll bring the games as long as you provide

the drinks. Whether she’s into; Disco Inferno, Come on Eileen or something a bit more

contemporary, ask us about how we can make it the perfect special theme night.

Karaoke Night

If you’ve forgotten how liberating it feels after making downright fools of yourselves then lip-

synching could be the perfect move to recollect that feeling and it will be fun for all. There’s a

reason kamikazes are served in karaoke bars. After all, would you really want to remember your

performance? But if you guys wanna save the others from your “not professional” voices, ask us

about how we can bring the karaoke set up to you!

Let Them Eat Cheese

Fondue parties can be great, messy fun. For some reason, communal pots of melted cheese

and chocolate seem to encourage giggles and gossip. If you’ve got the equipment, definitely try

this at home but don’t forget that you’ll also need people willing enough to chop up the veggies,

meats, and fruits and if not, you can always reserve a big table at a fondue restaurant. Go

ahead and indulge! The calories aren’t important because this is your night to get down and


Scavenger Hunt

You’re adults, but that doesn't mean you have to act the parts! A scavenger hunt will bring out

the children in all of you, but prizes can be as grown-up as you like (bottles of champagne or gift

certificates for a massage, etc). Use a friend’s house or garden and don’t be shy, get as creative

as you dare.

Vacaciones, Por Favor

This might be a sure way of getting the bride to forget all about what’s-his- name…oh well, it’s

time for paradise. Depending on the time of year, you can get great off-season package deals

on island vacations or cruises. Be sure to check with a travel agent about availability and special

group rates. Make sure you give yourselves enough time for planning just in case guests are

limited by their schedules. If so, then look into a trip that doesn’t require much travel time. With a

two- or three-hour flight, you won’t waste precious time on a plane when you should be

carousing at the tiki bar. If the bride can’t fly the coop completely, think about a beach weekend

or a few days of skiing at a nearby resort.

The Car, James

Dance clubs, sleazy bars, pool halls, strip joints — why choose just one? Go be adventurous and

explore them all in the lap of a luxurious car or a chauffeur-driven limo. Arrange for the car to

pick up everyone at a designated location, and you're free to go where you please and drink as

much as you please. Just make sure the night ends at the house, apartment, or hotel where

everyone will be crashing, so no one has to drive home. If a limo isn't your style — or your group

is too big — consider a rental van or chartered bus. Ask us about our car rentals and party bus


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