Announce Your Engagement!

Announce Your Engagement!

4 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Share your happy news in a way that speaks to you.

1. Deliver the News in Person

Before word starts to spread—and it will—share your excitement with family

and close friends. Nothing beats hearing the story in person, but if distance

makes that next to impossible, pick up the phone. At the very least, send a

personalized text message. 

2. Post to Social Media 

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram—pick your favorite channel (or pick all) and

let your engagement go viral. Photos that hint at the proposal spot or show off

your new ring are fun ways to include your family and friends in the moment. 

3. Send a Video 

If your fiancé hired a videographer to capture the proposal, share the highlight

reel by email. Even a boomerang of your new ring will give this kind of

announcement some sparkle.

4. Mail an Invitation

Celebrate in style with a party. People may have already heard the news, so

make it official with an engagement party invite (and champagne, of course).

Make sure to check out all of the special invitation services that we offer!

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