An awesome wedding proposal!

An awesome wedding proposal!

Wedding proposal videos can go anywhere from cringeworthy fails to heartwarming, and emotional successes!

But if this video were to be graded, this teacher’s proposal to his colleague would probably earn an A+.

Jonathan Holt, a high school teacher, got an entire school involved in his elaborate and heartfelt proposal to girlfriend and also a fellow teacher, Iris.

Jonathan first shared his plan with a classroom full of his future fiance’s students, and they helped execute the elaborate surprise proposal he’d planned, all while keeping it a secret from their teacher.

After he proposed — and received a very happy “yes” — Holt walked Iris into the hallway.

Where he’d arranged for the marching band to perform in celebration of the engagement.

We kind of love it!  You go Jonathan! Way to make it special and unique.

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