A Multicultural Wedding

A Multicultural Wedding

Two Cultures & One Wedding: How to plan a Multicultural Wedding

In today’s day in age there is no surprise that our society is only becoming more and
more diverse. With so many different cultures out there in the world it is no lie that
we have become one big melting pot. This being said more and more couples that
are getting married come from all different backgrounds and cultures. Marrying
into the same culture is now known as a tradition from the past and has become
commonly rare in recent years. When having two different cultures tying the knot
and when the wedding planning starts to begin it is hard for couples to decide which
wedding traditions to incorporate into their special day. Many cultures are known to
have very different wedding traditions. If you and your one to be come from very
different cultures combining both your backgrounds into one wedding may be the
most important priority in order to make all guests in attendance to feel right at
home. Other couples may feel like having two separate weddings may be more
suitable in order to keep those wedding traditions alive. This may be stressful and
overwhelming however, we have gathered some advice to give you great ideas on
how to combine two cultures all in one wedding.

Bringing Both Cultures Together

1. Make the wedding invitations bilingual:

Many families may come from different parts of the world and both families may
speak different languages. There may be a distinct language barrier between both
couple’s families. Therefore, it is a good idea to make wedding invitations with both
of your preferred languages. Let your wedding planner know ahead of time so they
will be able to incorporate two separate invitations with both languages.

2. Consider all your options:

As a couple you both should sit down and list which wedding traditions from both
cultures are the most important to include. For example, for the Spanish culture
including a salsa dance session may be appropriate for the Hispanic side of the
family while serving an dish that comes from Italy may be important to include for
the Italian side of the family. By sitting down together and having a set plan on what
traditions to have at your wedding can help the planning process to run more
smoothly and will be way more organized for the both of you. Both families will feel
more than happy and excited that they joined you both on your special day.

3. Cost:

Intertwining both cultures into one wedding can cost a lot more than just a
traditional wedding that doesn’t include any of the cultures. However, you and your
partner can pick and choose which services expresses both cultures the most while
keeping costs at a reasonable price. Different prices may also help to decide on what
services should be present such as, a mariachi band for the Spanish culture may cost
less then having a professional salsa dancers during the wedding party. The
different variations between costs can definitely make or break a decision so it is
important to consider pricing when thinking of multicultural services for your
wedding party or reception.

4. Location:

Having a specific location for your wedding can help to describe a specific wedding’s
culture such as a destination wedding or at a wedding venue that comes from a
specific culture. As a couple picking the location is important since you want to pick
one that is suitable for all guests. Deciding the location should be a place where all
guests have easy access to get to especially, if both families come from different
parts of the world. A location can describe one culture such as a wedding reception
venue like the Venetian can show an Italian family’s culture just by the name of the
venue itself. Then you should consider having other services within the wedding
party that expresses the other side of the family’s culture for instance, having a Hora
Loca performance for the Spanish side of the family can help to make those guests
feel right at home. By combining both you have accomplished the incorporation of
both cultures all into one wedding. That kind of wedding party will be one to always

5. Bring Cultural Attire to the Wedding:

A great way to show both cultures during a wedding can be by the clothing and
attire that you both wear. During the ceremony of course the bride and groom can
be in their respectful gown and tux. However, during the reception party you can
include clothing that comes from both cultures. This will be a surprising look but

definitely brings more fun to the party. Guests will absolutely love the cultural
variations you included into your wedding. For example, one of you can come in
your Indian attire while the other one may surprise the party wearing an Irish outfit
that looks like something that came right off the boat from Ireland. This is a great
way to bring both cultures and families together. It is an awesome way for both
families to feel right at place and will be a great bonding experience for both sides.

6. Show Cultural Variations through Music, Food, and Rituals:

Other ways to bring both cultures together is by picking cultural rituals from both
sides of the family. Performing both cultures wedding traditions and rituals will help
guests feel more like they are apart of your special day and can open up their eyes to
another culture’s traditions and rituals. Music is another way to show the variations
between the two cultures hosting the wedding party. Music is a great way for those
to feel closer to their respectful cultures and can speak to certain guests on a
personal level. Guests will all be up dancing and may want to show other guests
from the other side of the family how to dance to a specific song that comes from
their culture. For example, the Greeks have one specific dance that they rhythm to
when a Greek song comes on, therefore this can get them so excited to show their
new Italian family how to Greek dance. Food is another way to show a specific
culture and gives other cultures a chance to try new foods that they may absolutely
learn to love. Both cultures will be learning new things from one another while
having fun all at the same time.

7. Don’t forget to include both personalities: 

Including two cultures may be an important aspect of your wedding but it is also
important to not forget to incorporate a style that describes the both of your
personalities as a couple. This way people will recognize that it is one special day
that expresses the both of you completely. Both of you may come from different
backgrounds but both of you may also have your own unique style that should not
be glanced over. Including your personal tastes as a couple into the theme of your
wedding can make your wedding one of a kind, that is different from the rest, and
one that guests are sure to never forget.
These are just a few ways and steps on how to combine two wedding cultures into
one wedding. Both families will feel right at home while learning about new
traditions from another culture. It will open everyone’s eyes to the diverse world we
live in today. All guests will sure to have a blast celebrating both backgrounds all at
one big wedding party. We have various services here that we can offer you that
may assist in bringing both cultures together in the best possible way. Give us a call
or ask about our entertainment services and we will be sure to help you to bring
both cultures to life during your special day!

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