A ‘Green’ Wedding

A ‘Green’ Wedding

Ways Make your Wedding More Green

Recycle, recycle, recycle! It is part of our job of being a good citizen and respecting the

environment. Whether you are part of the millennial generation or a couple who wants to just do

their part, there are some creative ways to incorporate recycling as part of your wedding

Your Wedding Dress

Don’t leave the dress in a box or hanging in your closet. You can use it to donate to charity,

give it to a friend, or have a person who sews change it into a child’s baptism gown. There is

no need for it to collect dust when it can be put to good use. If you can’t bare to part with

your dress, have it tailored to your own needs and make it into a cocktail dress, another

suggestion is to use the pieces that might be cut off while tailoring as décor in your home like



How do you recycle flowers, you ask? Have your guests take them home and appreciate their

beauty instead of throwing them away. Also, hospitals and nursing homes love to have fresh

flowers and you can arrange someone to bring them over the next day. If you need to save

money, inquire at the ceremony place if there is a couple that is getting married the same

weekend and you can split the costs and both use the ame arrangements.


The best way is to go paperless to avoid just throwing them away after the wedding. This

will avoid waste. However, if you have the invitations you can reuse the paper in many

ways. You can be crafty and cut out designs and reuse them as gift tags or other uses as well

as saving them for art projects for relatives or kids…


This is a great way to pay it forward and help others. There is no need ever to throw away good

food when people out there are going hungry. Arrange with your cater to box up the leftovers

and have a local shelter pick it up. You might need to hire a service to help pick up and make

sure the food safety rules are followed. Many venues are told to throw away leftovers and in

some cases it can feed so many unfortunate people.

Favors and Décor

The favors and decorations do not need to go to waster. You can do without useless items, and

limit the décor items. Not only is this better for the environment, but it might be a good place to

start if trying to stay on a budget. Another suggestion to reuse the pieces is to find websites

where you can give away or sell your centerpieces and unused wedding décor like wedding-



 Even the most avid “recyclers” need to realize that many venues use disposable cups, plates,

napkins, and cutlery and then toss them in the trash. Eliminate disposable items altogether and

provide plentiful receptacles for recycling bottles and cans, ideally. These should be located beside every trash can at your venue.

It is your wedding and what a great feeling if you can do little things to recycle and also save

money while doing so. Before even hiring them, ask vendors what efforts they can make on

their end to be more sustainable. Decide if it’s a priority for them, or you may want to find

others who do more to help out. Whichever you decide, make sure that your vendors have

similar values as you do…

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