7 necessary wedding expenses

7 necessary wedding expenses

More than likely, your wedding budget isn’t unlimited, so it’s all about getting a whole lotta bang for each buck! Since it isn’t always easy to decide when to fork over the cash and when to close your wallet, we’ve put together a few items definitely worth the splurge.

1. Save for what’s Important to You

First, you’re going to want to figure out what matters most to you as a couple and plan to spend for that. If you’re music lovers, you’re going to want the best entertainment! (cough cough)

If you’re total foodies, dip into your wallet for that world renowned chef or caterer.

Decide on these items and plan your budget to fit them, other things may not be as important.

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2. Lighting.

Shine some much-deserved attention on your wedding with customized lighting including uplights, monograms, and spotlights. Lighting creates an amazing atmosphere and  will add that touch of magic. (cough cough)

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3. Hair and Makeup

When it comes to beauty for your big day, leave it to the pros…

Professional makeup artists and hair stylists will know what products and styles that will last you all day and night. Even if it’s a hot summer day or you’re a dancing queen, you will not have to worry about your makeup melting off or your hair losing its gorgeous style. (cough cough)

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4. Photography

Quality photography will last you a lifetime. Hiring a phenomenal photographer can mean the difference between getting OK wedding photos and totally wow-worthy images.

You’re going to want to show your memories to EVERYONE so why not be proud and excited to do so!

5. Fun!

It might sound silly to indulge on “fun” but bringing a little extra excitement to your big day will make it more memorable for you and your guests!

Fun may mean different things for every couple, but think photo booths with props for silly pictures or an indulgent candy table for a sweet dessert. (cough cough)

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6. Your Bouquet

While flowers are prominent on any wedding day, your bouquet is the “floral” focus!

This one floral arrangement will be seen by everybody on the day of the wedding, and will be front and center in most of the pictures after the weddings over. However, if you want to add a twist to your bouquet, check out the modern way to make your bouquet stand out, here!

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7. A Wedding Planner

Even if you’ve been planning your wedding for years (and have the scrapbooks and Pinterest boards to prove it), hiring a professional coordinator can be a super smart splurge.

Here’s why: You’ll get logistical help like planning the seating chart or coordinating details with vendors like your photographer and your caterer. Plus, if your planner is experienced, they might just get industry discounts and deals you wouldn’t have known about. Or, suggest other vendors to you that they’ve worked with and know it’ll add to your special day! Also, if your anything like the billions of people on this planet, you may not have the dedicated time for your wedding planning like a wedding planner will, after all, it’s their job title!

So after all the coughing, we hope you get a better idea at the items you may want to included for your special day!

We also hope you got what all the coughing was about! All those things we offer here! If we didn’t cough, that means we know who can help with this and we’d love to point you in the right direction.

So, contact the best entertainment company to help you plan your day to perfection, then you’ll be sure to have the day/night of your life! (cough COUGH cough)

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