3 Perks of a Winter Wedding

3 Perks of a Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can be beautiful and cozy, and you might be able to save money. Whether it’s a holiday-themed wedding or a mid-winter celebration, you can take advantage of the perks of the season, including off-peak discounts. Use your imagination, and you can heat up a chilly night with romance.

Discounts for Off-Season

Since most weddings take place from late spring to early fall, it’s often difficult to book a wedding or reception site, and due to competition, prices can be sky-high. But in winter, you may be able to find off-season discounts for venues, DJs, caterers, florists, and even hotel rooms for guests. 

Saving money on the essentials can free up money in your budget for the luxury touches you’ve always wanted. You may be able to upgrade your services. Shop around, but don’t sacrifice quality.

Beautiful Decoration Options

The sparkling winter color palette can make a great backdrop for your wedding décor. Many couples enjoy the natural black-white-gray of the season and create an elegant event. Others like to brighten the scene with color or play off the colors of holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

The darkness of winter calls for creative lighting. Imagine dancing under a canopy of sparkling lights or the romance of candlelit tables. Soft lights make for great photo opportunities, both indoors or outdoors.

Warming Winter Menus

Chilly winter days call for tummy-warming food. Offer a warm cocktail or mulled wine, or create a self-service coffee and hot tea bar. Don’t forget the hot chocolate. Everyone will appreciate the pickup, especially if they’ve had to travel between the wedding site and reception.

At dinner, serve comfort food in a family or buffet style. The menu can include hearty choices like roast beef or baked chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and roasted root vegetables. A baked potato bar with a choice of toppings can also be fun.

Your winter wedding can be charming and memorable if you embrace the season and all it has to offer. It’s also very likely your choice of an off-season date will lead to cost savings in many areas. And, in future years, you can enjoy a warm and romantic winter anniversary wrapped up in front of a fire or on a tropical beach.

Planning a winter wedding in the New Jersey/New York area? Click here to see what discounts you can get.

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