3 Creative Photo Ideas for Your Wedding

3 Creative Photo Ideas for Your Wedding

Wedding photos usually consist of fairly standard poses—the bride and groom, the wedding party, the cake cutting, and so on. These are great, but they may not tell the whole story of your wedding. Before the day arrives, talk to your photographer about including some more unusual pictures.

Posing with Pets

You love your pets like family members, so it makes sense to include them on your special day. While you may not want them walking down the aisle with you or mingling at the reception, you can pose for photos with your dog, cat, parrot, horse, or whatever you have.

In addition to portraits, try to include a few action poses, such as playing ball with the dog in your wedding gown or walking away from the camera with the dog at your side. Cats may be harder to work with, but a few shots of the cat watching the bride get ready could be fun.

Fun Camera Angles

Your photographer will already know some great locations and poses for the couple, but don’t hesitate to make suggestions. While most photos are taken straight on, changing the camera angle and perspective can turn the ordinary into the memorable.

Photos taken from above, such as from a church balcony or out of a second-story window, can capture a stunning picture. Or, imagine the camera from the perspective of the flower girl looking up at the bride. Close-ups of details, such as the bride’s bouquet, can make cherished memories.

Happy Action

Even if your wedding is formal, it’s still a happy event, and action photos can capture that. Photos of the bride and bridesmaids dressing for the wedding can be fantastic. Think about inviting the photographer to the salon or into the dressing room for pre-ceremony primping photos.

The reception is the perfect place for action, especially if there’s a dance. Ask the photographer to shoot candids as well as posed shots. zudayogaeast.com Candid photos can record emotion as well as action, such as a loving glance or gesture.

Remember, it’s not enough to just hire a photographer. Discuss the shots you’d like to see and the moments you want to capture on your wedding day. One day you’ll look back at your wedding photo album and remember the joy you felt on that day. 

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