2015 Proposal Trends

2015 Proposal Trends

We’ve spotted several proposal trends lately. We’re seeing fewer over-the-top flash mobs and public proposals, but couples are still finding flashy ways to stage more private proposals (perhaps with a photographer in the background!).

Halo Engagement Ringshalo ring halo

We must say, we never get tired of looking at gorgeous engagement rings, especially on our clients! This year, one particular style has stood out – the halo! Halo engagement rings feature stones surrounding the center rock. It’s a glamorous style for those who want their ring finger to really sparkle from all angles (P.S. – see more beautiful engagement rings we love here)!

Scenic Backdropsengagement photo scenic engagement photo

Sure, for some, getting engaged in the privacy of your own home is ideal, but it seems that more and more of you are opting for truly over-the-top backdrops. From mountains to beaches, city skylines and more, we’ve seen some truly drool-worthy scenery in proposal pictures!

Cute Mugsproposal mug mug engagement

The new engagement trend…a mug! Yup, we’ve seen these “Does this ring make me look engaged?” mugs all over Instagram, and we think they’re so fun. Whether they’re presented at the time of the proposal or shortly after, they’re definitely perfect for a fun photo op.

Capturing “The Moment” on Video

It’s quite special to have your proposal captured in photos, but having a video of this special moment takes it to another level. You’ll be able to relive the moment over and over, and be able to share with future generations, too. While it requires a bit of preplanning on the part of the proposer (make sure the videographer is well-hidden!) we certainly think it’s worth it.

Getting Kids Involvedkids proposal kids proposal 2

Marriage isn’t just about two people joining together; it’s about two families uniting as well. That’s why we love to see children – whether it’s the couple’s or one partner’s own children, nieces or nephews, or other little ones – getting involved with the proposal.

Posing the Petspet engagement 2 pet engagement

Of course, getting furry babies involved with the proposal is pretty sweet, as well. We’ve seen dogs with rings attached to their collars or carrying signs to pop the question. What a sweet idea to have your pet involved too!

Sweet Signageengagement sign 2015 proposal 7

Cute signage has become super-popular at weddings, so we’re not surprised to see the trend extend to proposals, as well. We’ve seen many proposers use signs to pop the question or express their joy after the big “yes!”

Hand-Writinghand  writing proposal hand wiritng proposal

If you don’t have the materials to create a sign, no worries – take matters into (or onto?) your own hands. This is super cute for your official engagement photos too!

Active Couplesative proposal active proposal

From running marathons to skydiving, we’re seeing proposals take place after couples has completed major athletic or daring feats. It must be the adrenaline, right?

The “Finger Point” Selfie2015 proposal 10 finger point engagement

And finally, the biggest proposal trend of the season – taking a selfie, of course! And the “I just proposed” shot of the moment? One person pointing to the ring, with surprised and happy faces all around.

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