10 Questions to Ask Your Planner

10 Questions to Ask Your Planner

10 Questions to Ask Your Planner

Planning your wedding can be one of the most memorable moments in your life—it can also be the most stressful list of duties you will have to experience. Hiring a wedding planner can help ease that anxiety and can ultimately help you coordinate every last detail to your wishes. You can focus on yourself and your own personal duties without feeling overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning.  A wedding planner can help with just about everything such as the venue, the wedding entertainment details, theme, style, transportation to and from the wedding, invitations and even what party favors to give to your guests at the reception.


Here at Mystical Entertainment Group, we offer all of these services for your convenience! Take a look at our website for all the services we can offer you for your special day. In looking for the best wedding planner for your wedding, here are a few questions to ask your potential planner to ensure that you made the best possible hire for your wedding!


The top 10 questions to get you started:

 What services do you offer?

First and foremost, this is the most important question to ask when looking for a wedding planner. Before getting into all the details, you want to know if a wedding planner offers all the services you want for your wedding. This will help you to decide in terms of hiring a wedding planner or to move on to finding the next wedding planner whose offering are the exact services you are looking for. Here at Mystical Entertainment we are a very unique company that can offer way more than just the entertainment details. We are truly a one-stop shop for all your wedding essentials from the beginning to the very end.

 What is the payment schedule? 

This is another essential question to ask just like with any vendor. For your wedding, you want to know right off the bat if a particular company fits within your budget. It would be a shame to plan all the details and then at the very end to hear that the price is way more that what you expected. It is also wise to ask if they want a one-time fee or if you can make a few payments over the period of the planning process. It will help you to decide if the wedding planner fits into your budget.

 How will we communicate?

As we know, when planning anything; communication is key! This is the only way to stay organized, to be on top of the task at hand, and most importantly to inform your planner of your wants and needs for the wedding. It is also important to decide how you will communicate with your planner between appointments. Do they prefer email? Can you call them at any time?  Will they charge you extra if you seek their help outside the month-of-coordination package you purchased? It’s a good idea to have all these questions answered before committing to any wedding planning contract.

 How many clients do you have in a year? How many clients are you taking care of the month of my wedding?

When asking this and getting an answer to this question will determine how available your wedding planner will be during the process of planning your wedding. It will also determine how committed they will be to give the best ideas and inspiration. This is a great question to ask since the success of your wedding relies on their efforts and ability to juggle it all at once. If a particular wedding planner is planning multiple weddings during your wedding month, this may be discouraging since they may not be giving their all to produce the wedding of YOUR dreams.  

As a wedding planner, do you have services that you will let me use?

Many wedding planning companies and vendors have particular software that they let their clients use. For example, a company may have programs such as client log-in software, where the client can manage their own budget, update their guests lists, to even creating their own seating chart, and many more. Having access to these resources is always a plus and is a more efficient way to communicate with your wedding planner of any changes and can help be a daily reminder for yourself.

Do you have any great ideas or any other kind of inspiration for our wedding site? 

A good way to really understand a coordinator or wedding planner’s ability to meet your standards is to understand their type of style to see if you both mesh well together. Most importantly asking this can help to analyze if you and your wedding planner will be the best fit in the planning process months ahead. That way it will be a better match in order to bounce ideas off one another and to reach all business goals to pull off the wedding of your dreams; just the exact way you imagined it. With that said, you want to make sure that your planner also gives you some other options. Outside opinions and inspiration from a professional is always good too!

Are you willing to execute our visions directly with vendors and work close with them?

Knowing that your wedding planning coordinator or director can relay your vision to other vendors involved is definitely something to be excited about. This is very reassuring since you know you have the option and easy ability to just have your planner do everything for you instead of you having to worry about that long to do list.

On the wedding day, what will it be like?

This answer is definitely important to know to get a sense of what the day will be like. For example, will they be bringing a team with them to set up or if you will have to help them. This way, you will know if they will be responsible for all the duties during the wedding day so you can enjoy your special day without a worry in the world.

Can you flip a ceremony to a reception?

Though this is not related to every bride, those hosting their ceremony at the same venue as their reception, this is a needed question that must be asked. You are in good hands if a wedding planner or coordinator can do this to make sure to turn a magfiecient ceremony into a beautiful ever-lasting reception. If they are unable to do this task then you will more than likely to have to pay an extra fee for the florist or rental companies to come back to help in flipping the room.

How do you deal with wedding-day mishaps

Last but not least, this is a great question to ask to see how a wedding planner may react under pressure or during a particular situation that needs to be addressed. If something was to go wrong on your wedding day you definitely want the wedding planner that is the best to handle the situation. With the best wedding planners, you won’t notice any mistakes or mishaps.


All of these questions can be asked to help you to reach to the best wedding coordinator for YOU! The best candidate can meet all of your needs and can help you accomplish the wedding of your dreams! Everything will be the way you pictured it from the date you started planning all the way to the big wedding day!

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