How Will I Pay for My Wedding?

How Will I Pay for My Wedding?

How Will I Pay for My Wedding?

Wedding Budget

Lets be real here, weddings are the most expensive event to plan and gathering up money

to pay for it could be what you have saved up for your whole life. You might be asking

yourself, where in the world will I be able to afford my living expenses on top of a

wedding!? Your catering bill and venue could turn out more than you expected, which is

why it is most important to have an estimated budget of what you want to end up paying

so that you can try your hardest to not go over. If you do go over and need help figuring

out how to be assured that you will have the money available to pay the costs, here are

some tips and helpful ideas to help you save up so that you are able to spend your budget

amount or go over with no problems!

Tip 1: Using math and time

Having a huge budget and having to pay the total amount in the end can be stressful and

overbearing towards your fun at your party. Create a legitimate budget goal depending

on how much income you and your spouse make and how much help your relatives are

willing to apply. Also, take into consideration of how long you have already been saving

up and make sure very early on that you decided to save up because you knew in your

future you wanted to have an extravagant wedding and be able to afford it. Instead of just

gathering the total amount at the end, use a calculator to divide the total budget by the

amount of months that you have leading to your wedding. “That’s literally how simple

planning [financially] for a wedding can be,” says David Bach, founder and chairman of

FinishRich Media and author of Smart Couples Finish Rich, towards using math. This

way, you can set aside a portion of the money each month so that by the end, you will

have all of the money that you saved up to come along together. Where will this money

go? Set up a savings account specifically for your wedding so that you can put all of the

money in here and not get confused as to where it is. Using Math will help you not be as

stressed because only seeing the grand total from your budget and having to get the

money together all at once would make anyone frustrated.

Tip 2: Cutting back on wants

Deciphering between what you need and want in your everyday life is hard because

everyone wants more than they could afford or need. This is the trickiest tip of all

because if you start to not spend money on what you WANT, you can save even more

money for your biggest want, which is your wedding budget. Keep your eyes on the

wedding and know that the more money towards your budget, the more you can add to

your wedding. This means cutting back on the little things like turning off your cable to

save extra cash each month or changing your phone data plan for a few months so that

you can use that money for your wedding savings instead. Try to not go out to eat at

restaurants and make your meals instead so that the money you would have been

spending on going out can be added to your savings as well. Cooking all of your meals

costs half the amount that you would spend at a grocery store than in a restaurant and its

healthier too. Sacrificing your WANTS for the best day of your life is worth every


Tip 3: Stop shopping

Do not buy those new jeans or that cute top you see in the window of your favorite store.

You have beautiful clothes that you can wear everyday in your closet already. Spending

that extra money every time you go shopping will just add up and take away from your

savings for your wedding, Sometimes, we spend money on a bunch of little things and we

don’t even realize it and then it adds up at the end of the day. It could be that coffee you

got before work or that taxi you took to get somewhere you needed to be instead of

driving. Cutting back on shopping or not spending on certain expenditures will help a lot

actually. It is also a temporary action until you are done paying for your wedding


Tip 4: Creativity

There are so many ways to earn cash here and there! Selling items in your house that you

don’t need and throwing a garage sale to be able to use this money for your wedding is so

creative and useful. How about starting a business off of to sell clothing or

jewelry that you don’t wear anymore? Ever thought about tutoring for children after a

school day for an hour each week? Or picking up a part time job on the weekends where

you could be working just one extra day a week could be helpful as well. There are other

creative ways that you can obtain extra cash for your event and anything that goes

towards your wedding savings will be beneficial.

Hint: Chat with the venue, caterer and the people you are paying to take your photos or

videos and see if they have a payment plan for you. Also, see if they have any discounts

or special offers because they would not give up your business to give a little help

towards the expense.

Keep saving and use these tips to pay for your wedding budget

more easily!

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