Prom over the years

Prom over the years

Prom night is still the most important dance of a high school student’s career. It is one of the most memorable nights of their life, and to get ready for it, there is a lot of organization, preparation, and excitement.

From our experience, we wanted to look into proms over the years and this is what we found. Check it out!

The 1930s consisted of glamorous gowns, screen queen makeup, and dancing the jitterbug with your date.


The 1950s were all about silk ball gowns and gloves, complete with bouffant hair and slow dancing the night away.


Everyone was catching Saturday night fever and rocking their Farrah Fawcett hair and disco attire in the 1970s.


The ’80s brought major neon, mixed patterns, and the glam side ponytail.


And can we just talk about those highlights and frosted tips in the early ’00s? Not to mention, the dance moves…


And here we are at 2015, with a beautiful mix of everything from the past 80 years. Although club is definitely the most popular.


So with all this said, what else is there to say about prom?

Well, on May 8th, we had the absolute pleasure of partying with William L. Dickinson HS of Jersey City AND…Steve Weatherford of the NY Giants! Yea, that happened!

The awesome event took place at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ. It was most definitely an experience we won’t forget!

To read more about the event, Click Here. To see more of the event, Click Here and Here.

Part of the Prom Planning committee!? Well reach out to us and let’s make your prom one that you won’t forget!!

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