The 360 Booth rental, hottest trend for weddings in 2022

360 booth rentals nj ny ct

The 360 Booth rental, hottest trend for weddings in 2022

360 Booth Rentals are taking over 

We are telling you, 360 booth rentals are going to be the hottest item of 2022..mark our words!!

Closing off each year, the team at Mystical Entertainment Group tries to identify the hottest trends in wedding entertainment for the next year. We’re usually spot on. To name a few trends we hit on the head; Owner John Macaluso called sparklers in 2014!! Grass walls with neon signs in 2018!! Dance on Clouds in 2012!! 

Being a trend setter in the entertainment business for almost 20 years, these things just sort of come to you. It’s either that or we make them come to you? Hmmm…  

There are so many different names for it, here are just a few: 360 Booth rental | 360 Video Booth | Spin Booth – 360 Photo Booth 

Enough with the jokes now, let’s jump to the facts. People love the newest and hottest items for the events, especially in New York and New Jersey. Today, everything has to give fuel to social media in one way or another. From led robots to hora locas to living champagne tables, everything has that social media wow factor that everyone just has to have so everyone knows how freaking amazing their event was. The 360 Booth rental is just what the Dr. ordered: Amazing social media content!! 

360 booth rentals nj ny ct

360 Booths deliver amazing social media content 

Where else can you get a wild 360 video of yourself with amazing lighting and cool special effects? Yea I’ll wait for an answer to that one. The 360 Booth rentals can be customized just like a Photo Booth but it cuts to the chase and gives you the media, right there on the spot. Covid really sped up technology in many ways and we believe that the emergence of technology broke people out of their ways. In the past, you always wanted the print out or something tangible at the least. Nowadays, even with Photo Booth rentals, guests just want the pictures show they can share it with their friends. We’ve seen a massive increase in photobooth rentals going full digital with no prints. With the 360 Booth rental, it falls right in line with the trends in event experiences. The old hesitation used to be the old folks not knowing what to do, now, they all have iPhones too!! 


When booking your 360 booth, keep in mind that they are not all built the same!! Look for booths with safety equipped. You don’t want the camera swinging around and knocking your guests out. (Believe us, alcohol does weird things to people) You also want to make sure there is adequate lighting. Lighting is key for video, especially in a dark environment like most weddings tend to be. Being that this is a new item in 2022, Mystical Entertainment Group has all the answers to your questions. Feel free to call or email us and we’d be glad to help. 

Thanks for reading!! 


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