What makes a DJ perfect for you…

What makes a DJ perfect for you…

Lets face it.. DJ’s are a dime a dozen, especially New Jersey DJ’s. You can find someone to play music, act crazy on the microphone, put up TV screens, design crazy light shows, and everything else wedding DJ’s do almost anywhere. So what makes a DJ perfect for you? To me the answer is personality. Not just an outgoing personality, almost every New Jersey DJ has one of those, but the personality that is just right for your event and for you. When meeting with DJ’s do you connect with them on a personal level? Would you feel comfortable with them being a guest at your wedding as well as a vendor? Can you connect with this person on a social level? Do they speak your language, share your interests? These are the questions you should be asking when evaluating wedding entertainment because in my experiences that is what leads to a truly successful event.

Mystical Entertainment strives to give you that all in one experience. We try and connect with our clients and potential customers on a different level not just a professional one. That is why we offer so many services including Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish speaking DJ’s. We customize our interaction and level of energy to your wants and needs. When we meet with our clients 9 out of 10 times we spend an hour talking wedding entertainment and  another two hours talking sports, music, vacations spots, good restaurants, or whatever else comes to mind. When our clients leave our office we want them to feel like they’re family not just customers so they feel secure and confident in trusting us on their special day. piedmontmastergardeners.org

So remember DJ’s, TV’s, lights, and speakers are all a dime a dozen. Its the personality and peace of mind that a good DJ or better yet the right DJ will give you that counts.

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