Weekday Wedding!? Are you crazy?! Well…maybe not…

Weekday Wedding!? Are you crazy?! Well…maybe not…

Weekday weddings: A popular new way to save money on your wedding celebration!

When we think of weddings, we usually think of weekends. The wedding party gathers on Friday evening for a rehearsal, finishing with a rehearsal dinner and rising in the morning for a Saturday afternoon ceremony. This is usually the normal routine, but could you be overlooking better days on the calendar?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking your wedding on weekdays or holidays.

It’s a great way to save money

From the moment your engagement begins, you might feel like you’re constantly swiping your credit card for wedding items. There are invitations to send, reception meals to plan and dresses to buy. Everything begins to add up extremely quickly. Weekday and holiday weddings can help curb the cost. Some of the best: Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Eve weddings.

You can book places you wouldn’t normally reserve

There are places that would take forever to book for a Saturday wedding. It might also cost much more than you’re willing to budget for. Having a weekday wedding or holiday wedding means that you have the opportunity to reserve a beautiful church, magnificent hotel, lovely reception hall or gorgeous garden for a much lower price than usual.

Travel and timing can be a problem for some guests

Although weekday and holiday weddings can be a wonderful option, there are some downsides.

Not everyone can make it to a weekday wedding. Guests might have a hard time managing traveling during their week with work obligations. While some holidays may be good for some of your attendees, others will have a difficult time deciding between holiday vacation spots and your romantic event. Finding a babysitter on holidays and weekdays can be tricky as well.

Weigh the pros and cons of a weekday or holiday wedding and see if it’s a good idea for you and the one you love. Mystical Entertainment can give you the wedding of your dreams. Visit us online at www.partiesbyme.com and give us a call at 973.542.8068 to book your wedding today.

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