Wedding insurance: Do you need it? How do I get it?

Wedding insurance: Do you need it? How do I get it?

Wedding Insurance: Why You Need It And Where To Get It

You want your wedding to be absolutely perfect. You’ve been planning this day for months and it’s almost time to walk down the aisle. However, something could go wrong that’s completely out of your control and leave your wedding dreams ruined.Why you should consider wedding insurance

Even if your wedding planner has everything under control, something could go wrong at your romantic event. That’s why you need wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance protects you and your partner financially when disastrous events occur. Your wedding day will cost you a great deal of money and time. With so much to do and so many people who make your wedding possible, you need to feel at ease on your big day.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Before you purchase insurance, you should understand what it covers. Wedding insurance protects you and your partner from a variety of situations.

  • Your wedding dress can become torn or ripped, even with the gentlest care.
  • A groomsman might lose his tuxedo on a flight on the way over to the event and need a replacement.
  • Your reception venue might shut down unexpectedly before your wedding and you lose your deposit.
  • You or your fiancé may be transferred to another company, leaving your state or city behind.
  • One of you may be called for military duty and need to postpone the wedding for another time.
  • Your videographer might accidentally use defective materials while recording the ceremony.
  • Your wedding venue can be inaccessible to your family and your guests due to a storm.
  • A close family member can become very sick and be unable to attend until they recover.

It’s hard to think about, but small and large inconveniences can happen. You deserve to be protected.

Where do you get wedding insurance?

Once you begin to place deposits down on your purchases, it’s a good time to get wedding insurance. Keep a running total of how much you’re spending on items, vendors and reservations. You can purchase insurance online with Traveler’s, Aon’s and Fireman’s Fund at

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