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Located in historic Morristown, NJ, Westin Governor Morris weddings and events benefit from the convenient downtown location. The facilities can accommodate a large group and easily adjust to smaller gatherings. It is perfect for Sweet 16 parties, Bar Mitzvah celebrations, and Casino Night events. To enhance these events and make them stand out, our DJ entertainment services will encourage your guests to get on the dance floor. Throughout the event, our state of the art light, color and sound system will tune the music mix to keep your guests engaged in your memorable day.

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Wedding planning is stressful, and the demands of complicated events such as a reception can strain emotions and resources. It is more difficult when one company plans the wedding while another provider prepares the reception. Mystical Entertainment offers a solution; let us handle the wedding planning and reception. We will work closely with you to develop your unique requests and carry out your preferences. This will leave you free to enjoy the events of your remarkable wedding day.

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The Hotel features a wide range of guest services including dining and health and fitness. The large dining and conference rooms can accommodate weddings and receptions. Its friendly and courteous staff will work to ensure that every guest feels welcomed. The hotel is in a historic Revolutionary War area and offers many attractions. It is also a short distance from New York City and its wide array of cultural and entertainment venues. Mystical Entertainment DJ and the Westin Governor Morris form a strong team to deliver a fabulous wedding day experience for you and your guests.

When you are ready, we will work with you to plan and carry out your dream-wedding day. We can manage the details and leave you to savor the precious moments.

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