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Preserve The Glow Of Your Special Day with Westwood Weddings and Mystical Entertainment DJ Planning and Event Services.

Westwood Weddings located in Garwood, NJ is a well established venue for weddings, receptions, high-energy Sweet 16 parties, family style Bar Mitzvah, and the popular Casino Night events. For all of these, our expert DJ services accent the events. Their skillful selections have the right balance to get your guests onto the dance floors. Throughout the event, the latest technology delivers exciting sounds, lights, colors and effects to delight your guests.

The Westwood and Mystical Entertainment combine their excellent resources to provide superior wedding and reception services in North Jersey. With customer satisfaction as the top priority, we deliver a sensational wedding experience. You will have many fond memories of a successful day shared with family and friends.

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Marriage is an important step in your life, one you wish to share with close friends and family. The weeks before the wedding are a time to gather many close friendships as you build towards the wedding day. Mystical Entertainment can help make the wedding preparations smooth and free your time. We can work with you to make your wedding day events perfect.

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A leading destination in the north NJ area, this family owned business has a long history of successful engagements. They offer a personal style of business with an emphasis on meeting customer requests with prompt and friendly service. The facilities can accommodate large or small groups equally well. The large ballrooms and dining areas are perfect for dancing to the talented Mystical Entertainment DJ services. The style and decor are classic with carefully chosen elements to enhance the beauty and appeal of the surroundings, your guests will be impressed by the attention to details. When ready, Mystical Entertainment will provide expert services to plan your wedding and host the reception, leaving you to enjoy the beauty of your remarkable wedding day.