The Palace at Somerset

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Keep The Warm Glow of Your Special Day Forever With Mystical Entertainment And The Palace at Somerset Weddings

The Palace at Somerset is a fabulous venue for weddings and receptions. The grand styling and luxurious interiors will impress your guests. The location in Somerset, NJ is close to the entertainment destinations in New York City. Local residents enjoy the excitement of Sweet 16 parties; it is also an excellent choice for traditional family gatherings such as Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Casino Night at the Palace is a fun night-out. For any event, our talented DJ’s a combine dance beats and great songs to please every audience.

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There are an endless number of details and tasks to handle when planning a wedding and reception. Weddings involve so many emotions that the effort can be overwhelming. This is even more the case when dealing with two providers, one for the wedding and a second for the reception.

We offer a simpler, less complicated solution than managing two vendors. Turn the whole task over to us. Mystical Entertainment can plan the wedding ceremony and arrange the reception. This will leave you free to enjoy the weeks before the wedding with friends and family. We will deliver the wedding you envisioned and a reception that will warm the hearts of your friends, family, and guests.

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The Palace has earned its name; it is truly a regal setting. Two European styled ballroom areas provide superb choices for a ceremony and a reception. The exterior is palatial, with a warm white glow at night, a bold facade in the daylight. It will impress your guests from the moment of arrival. Combined with personal care from a seasoned staff, the palace is an ideal place to create a memorable wedding experience for you and your guests.

Your wedding-day dreams come true in a perfect day, preserved forever in memories. Call us when you are ready to begin. Mystical Entertainment is a full service wedding and events management company.