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Make Your Special Day Perfect With The Bethwood Weddings and Mystical Entertainment DJ

The Bethwood Totowa is a leading venue for Weddings in Passaic County, and the surrounding area. Located in Totowa, NJ it is an ideal location for a family style Bar Mitzvah, a rocking Sweet 16 party, or a fun-filled Casino Night. The facility and its able staff can handle large gatherings as well as smaller events.

Mystical Entertainment offers skilled DJ’s with state of the art light, sound, and effects. The combination of great sounds and skillful music selection help notable moments stand out, such as the couple’s first dance. We know how to get the guests onto the dance floor and keep them there throughout the event.

Let Us Make Your Wedding Memorable

There are many details and tasks involved in planning a fabulous wedding event. It is also a time to share your happiness with those close to you. At Mystical Entertainment, we understand the situation.
We offer expert wedding planning and event management services. We can free your time to enjoy the special time leading up to your wedding with friends and family. We provide our firm assurance that we understand your wishes and preferences, and carry them out in style.

Capture The Moment At The Bethwood

Beautifully landscaped in a modern castle exterior motif, The Bethwood will impress guests from the time they pass through the arched gateway. It is lush and green in warm seasons; in the cooler times, colors and lights enhance the landscaped grounds. The Bethwood sets outdoor ceremonies along scenic ponds and fountains. Pathways lead to the gazebo and ornamental beauty and pleasant waterways. Indoors the dining and event areas are colorful and able to match nearly any theme, style, or color pattern. In the spacious accommodations, family and guests will dine, dance, and celebrate in comfort. Guests will feel welcomed and relaxed in the congenial atmosphere.

The wedding of your dreams is within reach, and we will work with you to bring it to life. When you are ready to begin building your perfect day, call us, put Mystical Entertainment on your team.

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