Stony Hill

Receptions at Stony Hill

When Mystical Entertainment handles your booking at the Stony Hill Inn, your wedding will be spectacular in every way you dreamed of.

When We Book Your Stony Hill Inn Wedding In Hackensack, NJ You Will Be Amazed

There are so many wonderful things that the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack, NJ can offer to you for your big event. If you dreamed of something awesome, you will find it when take over the details, and get your wedding up and running.

Don’t forget that we also book Bar Mitzvah, sweet 16 and casino parties that will really make you enjoy every moment of it. Since we handle all the details with the Inn, we will get you the very best package that is available for your event. You will find that the food, the music, the drinks and the atmosphere will all be up to par. Your entire event will be something that you dreamed about having, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Mystical DJ Experts Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

They won’t want to sit for very long when they hear the sounds from our expert DJ. They will want to move over to the dance floor and show off their moves. Since our systems are state of the art, the music will elevate your party to new heights.

No matter which type event you are planning, our DJ will have the music that will work wonders. They know the music that will get your guests in the mood for fun, and they do a great job with keeping them interested.

Let Us Book You At The Stony Hill Inn Today For A Spectacular Experience

The Stony Hill Inn experience will beckon your guests to have a great time. You will love that you won’t have to worry about anything because we will be able handle all the details with the Inn.

By booking your party through us, it will prove to be a fantastic experience, and it won’t be anything that you will ever regret. Since we have the ability, let us take your party to a new stage of enjoyment.

Let Mystical Entertainment take care of the planning your next party. You will find that there will be so much to enjoy when you let us take over the reigns for you.

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