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Make The Moments Memorable At The Newark Club And Mystical Entertainment For Wedding and Event Planning Services

Located in downtown Newark, NJ among the glittering lights of the City, the Newark Club is a place to impress guests. With views across the water to Manhattan, it provides magnificent facilities for any occasion. It will accent perfect weddings, highlight a fun-filled sweet 16 party, host a joyous coming of age Bar Mitzvah, or make a thrilling Casino Night event. The DJ will create the right music mix to make the night a success. The music can create a mood and get everyone out on the dance floor. With advanced electronics and sophisticated networks to combine lights, sounds, and mixed effects, it builds on the themes of the event. For weddings and receptions, the ceremonies are vitally important, and music can make the moments linger in memory and enjoyment. From the bride’s entrance to the first dance as a couple, the focus is on the happiness of a day when many gather to celebrate the joining of two lives.

Mystical Entertainment values every engagement and makes customer satisfaction its top priority. We listen carefully to your ideas and help create the night you envision. We offer advanced technology in our music and light systems. They work together seamlessly to bring an atmosphere of fun in which guest feel entirely welcome and eager to enjoy the spacious ballroom dance floor.

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The wedding you wish for needs a place and a partner that can make dreams into reality. The Newark Club and Mystical Entertainment are the place and partner to help make the dream into a night to remember.

Weddings can be stressful times, life changes and many demands on time and resources. Many feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of decisions and choices. We can reduce the costs, decisions and confusion by doing both the wedding and reception planning. You can have the wedding dreamed of and a reception of equal quality, a total package for a day to be treasured.

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Let your guests spirits rise like the towers in downtown and have an experience as grand as the panoramic views of one of the great cities in the world. Feeling on top of the world will also be the reaction of everyone in attendance to our excellent guest’s services. We make the bride and groom the center of the event but make sure that we make every family member and guest feel welcome.

To make the most noteworthy day an unforgettable day, you will choose Mystical Entertainment. There is a simple and successful way: turn the tasks to us. We are ready to carry out every detail, leaving you free to enjoy the beauty of an exceptional day.