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Hyatt Morristown is a popular destination in the scenic area, rich in traditions and natural beauty. It is a full service hotel offering a wide range of amenities. Located in the Morristown, NJ historic district, the Hyatt Morristown is an excellent location for weddings and receptions. Local residents choose it for special gatherings like Sweet 16 parties and Bar Mitzvah celebrations. The hotel hosts Casino Night events which are growing in popularity in the northern New Jersey area. Our outstanding DJ services use state of the art technology to accent any event with color, light, and amazing sound quality. We skillfully tune song lists to keep the dance floors filled throughout the event.

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Wedding planning and arranging a reception for friends and family can be demanding and stressful. There are many details that must be attended and the pressures of deadlines can be stressful. If you are working with one provider for wedding planning and another company for event hosting, then the demands on your time will be greater. Our solution is to let Mystical Entertainment DJ handle the wedding and reception. Our excellent services will free your time for friends and family in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

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The abundant and flexible event space can accommodate groups of various sizes. They offer elegant styling and customized services for weddings and receptions. The downtown location is convenient for local residents. The location is accessible by air from two nearby major airports, and by passenger rail.

The wedding day of your dreams can become a vivid reality. Call us; Mystical Entertainment DJ is a full service wedding and event services company.

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