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The Graycliff located in Moonachie, NJ is a delightful, picturesque facility, perfect for social gatherings of any kind. While they feature sensational weddings and sumptuous receptions, they are a perfect location for a Sweet 16 bash, an respected family custom like Bar Mitzvah, or the ever-popular Casino Nights. Our DJ services can enhance any of these events and make a wedding reception a time when friends and family take time to socialize, dance, and enjoy the happiness of a very special day. Our skillful selection of songs and rhythms will keep the dance floors full throughout the event.

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The wedding of your dreams may seem impossible to achieve. With so much time and effort needed to work with a wedding planner and a reception coordinator, the tasks are overwhelming at times. Wedding preparations can stress the emotions and stretch resources thin. However, there is an alternative.
Mystical Entertainment can manage all of the details of your wedding and reception. We can free your time and give you peace of mind that we will attend to all of the details. You can enjoy the build-up to your special day with friends and family. We ensure that the ceremony will be beautiful, and the gathered family and friends will enjoy the reception filled with great music, delicious food, and happiness.

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Elegance, class and stunning beauty are phrases that come to mind when guests enter the Graycliff banquet and ceremony facilities. Indoor or out, day or night, let the season determine which are the better options because at the Graycliff, all of the results are excellent. They can adapt to any style or theme, accommodate large or small groups. Their creative designs and lighting can make custom themes dazzle. There are splendid facilities for indoor or outdoor ceremonies. Colors, lighting, and textures artistically joined to make the experience memorable for all who attend.

When you are ready to start building the wedding of your dreams, call Mystical Entertainment. We will work with you every step of the way to have the dream wedding come true.